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It’s the time of the year where Google showcases all of their product developments and their plans for the future. The Google I/O 2021 live stream is currently ongoing where the search giant revealed the latest Android 12 beta 1. It’s not much as compared to the previous developer preview. Google showcased their new Android 12 theming featuring that applies across the system and third-party apps too.

Google just announced the first beta for Android 12 at their ongoing Google I/O live event. Android 12 features an entirely new design called “Material You”, replacing of the old Material Design.

Material You revamps the way we use shapes, colors, shapes, and motion. So basically Android 12 will change the system theme based on the wallpaper you have applied for the homescreen. This will change the color pallets of all the apps across Android including the clock, status bar icons, quick settings color, settings, and much more. You can also change the border thickness, also called shadow.

Checkout the Android 12 theming feature:

YouTube video

The Material You is main feature of Android 12 Beta, which is available for download starting today as soon as the Google I/O event ends.

Also, checkout the entire Google IO 2021 live stream here:

YouTube video

Download Android 12 for Google Pixel devices

Here is a collection of all the ways you can download and install Android 12 onto any Android device, not just Pixel 3 / 3 XLPixel 3a / 3a XLPixel 4 / 4 XLPixel 4a / 4a 5G, or Pixel 5. With Android GSI, you can install Android 12 on Project Treble enabled devices as well.

The easiest way to get Android 12 on Pixel devices is via Factory Images or flashing OTA files from Android 11. Visiting the Android Beta Program. will sign you up for the first Android 12 beta on Pixel devices.


Full downloads repository:

More devices from other manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo will soon follow. So stay tuned.

Android 12 Beta GSI Downloads

Android 12 Beta GSI build are already available for download even before the Google I/O 2021 went live.

Here is the table for the download links:

ArchitectureDownload Link
x86+GMSClick Here
ARM64+GMSClick Here
x86_64Click Here
ARM64Click Here

Checkout this tutorial for installation instructions: Download Android 12 GSI (Generic System Image).

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