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There has been a steep surge in the work-from-home culture in the recent months. Companies are now adoption as well as deploying work related utility tools for their employees and customers. Since people are bound within the four walls of their houses, it is nearly impossible for them to access office tools such as scanners. Following the Cam Scanner ban, the scanning apps sector has opened up big time. There’s Adobe Scan, Office Lens and Doc Scanner. Now Google has come up with its own – Stack: PDF Scanner + Document Organizer.

What is Area 120?

Area 120 is Google’s internal incubator for experimental features, meaning Google backs Area 120 in terms of technical know-how and fundings to facilitate development of new software and apps. Stack is one such brainchild of Area 120.

Stack by Area 120

The scanner is powered by Google’s AI setup which optically recognises the text contained in the document/pdf and automatically organises them into categories. With this app, you can search for specific keywords like “ID” , “Date” , “Account Number” et cetera directly from the search bar and all the relevant documents pop up in the form of a list. No more going through each and every file inside the scan folder.

Best Features of Stack

The UI is super simple and minimalistic. As soon as you log in, you’re greeted by the home page. This houses all your categories. You can manually add categories of your choice, in addition to the default ones already present. Some of them are – Banking, Receipts, Bills and Vehicles. The “+” button in the bottom right allows you to scan new documents. Post which, OCR comes into play and allows you to extract information from the whole of the document, and not just the title.

Not only this, but you can even copy the details directly from the characters recognized. For example, if any one of your documents contains the “Amount Due” to be $130. A simple “Amount Due” search would show you the document as well the value “$130”, which can be copied into the clipboard directly. Also, you can enable direct sync to Google Drive where you don’t have to worry about the documents getting accidentally deleted from the system.

Though the app is currently only available for android via the Play Store and in USA, along with middle-east, Google says that it would consider large-scale expansion of the application based on the feedback from the users.

Alternatively, you can simply download the Stack APK from below and install it on your phones, tablets, etc.

Download Google Stack APK

Google’s very own CamScanner alternative is here with the new Stack app PDF Scanner, document scanner. Uses AI to OCR documents and automatically backs them up to Google Drive. Get the Google Stack APK directly from Play Store or APK download it from below.

Note: The above file is a bundled APKS file. In order to install it, follow the instruction on this post. Use app like SAI (Split Apps Installer).

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