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Google Assistant Interpreter Mode for Real-time Spoken and Written Translations in 30 Languages [APK Download]

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Google Assistant - Interpreter Mode APK

Google Assistant has matured over the years to become a full fledged personal assistant for Android. Apart from just getting results with voice search, the assistant can also perform daily tasks called routines, launch apps, change or toggle phone settings, and much more. Not to mention the recent Hum to search feature to search for a song just by humming it. The latest, and in my opinion, one of the most useful features that comes to Google Assistant is the Interpreter Mode.

The Interpreter Mode app is an extension for the Google Assistant app. It can help users with real-time translations, either voice or written, in nearly 30 languages. According to Google Play listing – “Get help having conversations in dozens of languages. Use Google Assistant’s interpreter mode for real-time spoken and written translations to aid the conversation across nearly 30 languages.

The Interpreter Mode now comes to all the Android smartphones, tablets, and smart devices for the Google Assistant. You can also install the Interpreter Mode as a standalone APK and launch it.

Here is how the Interpreter Mode works

YouTube video

Download Google Assistant Interpreter Mode APK

You can install the Interpreter app directly from the Play Store or get it from the APK below. Note that this is an alpha build and

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

APK download

Thanks to Yash Agarwal on Twitter for the report.

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