PUBG MOBILE 1.0 New Era APK download and OBB files

PUBG just released a huge update to their most popular mobile version of the game. PUBGM was released back in 2018 and the game has greatly improved ever since. The game quickly became popular gaining hundreds of millions of download on the Play Store and the App store. Here is the latest PUBG Mobile New Era 1.0.1 update that improves all the important stuff like better graphics, new maps, smoother gameplay with higher FPS, and lag free experience by upgrading the servers.

The latest PUBG Mobile 1.0 New Era update features redesign of several maps including the infamous Erangle 2.0 upgrade & stable a Livik map. The developers also revamped visuals & graphics and also brought support for increased FPS or screen refresh rate for better performance on high end devices. It comes with an upgraded technology solution to and added a penalty strategy and ban cheaters hackers. Improved the impact of security monitoring on performance, and reduced power consumption and lag caused by security monitoring.

Most importantly, the Royale Pass Season 15 called BEYOND A.C.E. begins on September 14th! This is a must have update for all the PUBG fanatics out there! So download and install PUBG Mobile New Era v1.0.1 APK and OBB file. You can checkout the complete changelog from PUBG Mobile’s official blogpost here.

Checkout the amazing PUBG Mobile New Era update by PUBGM YouTube channel:

YouTube video

While the game may have been removed from the Play Store App store for some regions, but you can still download the APK and play the game as is. All you need to do is download the PUBG Mobile 1.0 APK to your device and install it as a fresh copy or overwrite over previous update. We highly recommend installing a fresh copy in order to remove any bugs that may exist in the previous one. You can also preform a repair upon launching the game.

Download PUBG Mobile New Era v1.0.1 APK and OBB files directly PUBG servers

The most important thing while downloading PUBG Mobile APK online is being safe. Here, we have listed the the PUBG Mobile New Era PUBGM 1.0.1 APK that comes directly from the developers of PUBG. So rest assured, this is a safe PUBGM APK and clean OBB file. You can check verify MD5 checksum or scan it through VirusTotal software.

Note that the PUBG Mobile APK is just 671.88 MB is size. However, it requires approximately 1.8 GB of total storage space for Android including the OBB package and 2.17 GB of additional storage space for iOS devices.

Download instructions: While you can still download the game safely from the Play Store listing directly from Google servers globally including North America, Europe, and rest of Asia, the listing may not show for Indian users. So you can download the APK from below and OBB for offline downloads.

APK download

Download PUBG Mobile 1.0 APK for Android 11, 10, 9 Pie, 8 Oreo, or older devices from the following links directly.

How install PUBG Mobile New Era 1.0.1 APK and OBB files correctly?

The PUBGM installer listed above will automatically install the required OBB files to your Android device. All you need to do is install the APK first and then launch it.

  • Download PUBG Mobile APK from above.
  • Transfer it to phone storage.
  • Uninstall any previous PUBGM versions from your phone.
  • Launch a file manager and navigate to the PUBG APK.
  • Tap on it to begin installation.
  • Provide proper permissions to install like “install from unknown sources”.
  • If you downloaded the OBB file, extract the zip file to get the folder called com.tencent.ig.
  • Transfer the OBB folder to location Android > OBB.
  • Launch PUBG Mobile app.
  • It will verify the OBB package and download necessary files.

Enjoy PUBG Mobile 1.0!

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