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We all love YouTube, but sometimes the app could be a pain to use for Google is constantly beta testing the app; changing different elements of the user interface. So lately if you have seen the comment section change from bottom of the recommendations to the top, it is Google making changes in the back end. Or if you just don’t like the way of YouTube and want an optimized solution, then here are some of the best YouTube clients or alternatives for Android smartphones, tablets, Android TV or Box.

1. YouTube Vanced

If you haven’t heard of YouTube Vanced before, then you are in for a treat. The main purpose of the (Ad)Vanced YouTube client is that it is Ad-free and build upon the original YouTube app itself. The Vanced app unlocks YouTube Premium features including no-ads, Picture-in-Picture mode, off screen mode offline mode for eligible videos, and much more. Most importantly, its has the same familiar user interface at that of Google’s YT app and is based on YouTube v15.05.54.

Users can also play YouTube videos in the background. So you can listed to your favorite songs and podcasts with the screen off and also save some battery on your phone. A new update is coming. So stay tuned!

However, being a modded YouTube app for phones, this may not be suitable for larger screens like Android TV or Android Box. So look at the second option for the same.

2. Smart YouTube TV

If you have an Android TV or Box then you must install Smart YouTube TV. It is specially optimized for larger screens like TVs and Box. Google’s YouTube app for Android TV looks half baked. Sometimes, TV manufacturers even just add a YouTube web app and call it a day. The best solution is SmartYouTubeTV.

Many in the Android TV community believe Smart YouTube TV is even better than Google’s implementation of the YouTube app. Moreover, it is Ad free and you can disable them from settings. It supports 4K streaming, runs without Google Services, especially designed for TV screens, stock controller support, multilingual search keyboard, and much more.

Most importantly, you can install it even without Google Play Services. You can also login with your YouTube account easily by just visiting a URL. As the smart client does not require Play Services, it can work on non-certified (Google) Android Box or TV devices as well.

You may also want to visit:

3. NewPipe

NewPipe is one of the best YouTube clients for smartphones that recently updated to support Android TV and Android Box as well. An earlier app update brought several new changes and support for more Android devices. However, that was primarily for smartphones. With NewPipe APK v0.19.3 and above, it now supports Android TV, Android Boxes, Fire TV, and a YouTube Music section.

NewPipe is a free and open-source project that brings YouTube in a completely different user interface. The app itself is very light weight that consumes less battery and memory. It also provides Ad-free YouTube video streaming in high resolution. Most importantly, you could also extract the videos and audio files (including music and songs) in various available formats. Users can also play YouTube videos in the background. While we do not encourage downloading YouTube content, you can still use it for personal use.

Moreover, NewPipe defies all YouTube norms. Lately, Google restricted or locked some regions at 480p on their original YouTube app due to excessive use of bandwidth. The Newpipe APK still plays videos in HD, FHD, UHD, and even in 4K resolution for eligible videos.


We can only preach for these 3 YouTube clients because they are Free and Open Source. You can comment down below with your favorite YouTube client.

So in conclusion, if you have a smartphone, you should try the YouTube Vanced app. If you have a Android TV or Box, then you must download Smart YouTube TV. NewPipe works with everything, but has a completely different user interface. Plus point is that it lets you extract YouTube videos and audios.

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    Just inherited a Sharp Smart TV with no pre-installed apps. Thank goodness for your site! Appreciate all this good work – from New England, USA

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    George Pon

    smart you tube tv disables fast forward and pause on the fire stick. can you get around that

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