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Google introduced Android 10 last year along with their brand new navigation gestures. For some reason, Google is trying to push these swipe gestures onto every new phone getting updated to Android 10 or later. While some may like the new swipe gestures, not everyone is the fan of it and should not be mandatory. OnePlus has their own set of navigation gesture system in Android 9 Pie. It was better than Google’s implementation. However, with the latest Oxygen OS 10 they adopted Google’s navigation system. Here is how to get the old swipe gestures on OnePlus devices running Android 10 or later based on Oxygen OS 10+.

So if you are among the users who just updated their OnePlus 7 series, 6 series, or the 5 series to Android 10 based on Oxygen OS 10, and don’t like the new set of swipe gestures then you can revert back to the old ones from Android 9 Pie or Oxygen OS 9.

Swipe gestures on Android 10 are:

  • Swipe from the edge (Left/Right) to go back,
  • Swipe from Bottom-Center to go home, swipe and hold for Recent Apps,
  • Swipe from bottom left/right for Google Assistant

OnePlus had the back gesture changed in Android 9 Pie. You can get that changed back gesture in Android 10 on OnePlus by doing the following.

Here is how to get the old OnePlus navigation gestures on the new Android 10 update based on Oxygen OS 10 or 10.5. Not sure if this would work on the OnePlus devices with Andorid 10 out of the box like OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. But you may try. The following tutorial requires no root.

How to revert back to old Oxygen OS swipe gesture navigation on OnePlus

  1. Download this Settings Editor app from Play Store.
  2. Launch the SetEdit (Settings Database Editor) app.
  3. Search for and select “System Table” option
  4. Search for “op_gesture_button_side_enabled”
  5. Set its value to “0”

Note: To revert back to the default, go through the procedure again and set the value “1” to that property.

Warning! DO NOT modify anything else. You may break something and may need to reset your device.

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Sarang Avatar

5 responses

  1. Kevin Tibi Avatar
    Kevin Tibi

    Omg thanks a lot !!!! Save my life !

  2. Squeegy Avatar

    This tutorial was a life saver. Thank you! My OnePlus has the side margin width of several human hairs so this new side gesture was causing me immense headaches.

  3. Concerned Luddite Avatar
    Concerned Luddite

    Thank you so, SO much! Google’s implementation of gestures is atrocious.

    For those who find this tutorial later, this worked on a OnePlus 9, running OxygenOS

  4. JP Avatar

    I do not see this line of text for the OP 10 PRO. Would it be called something different or in a different location? Thank you!

  5. Nightmind Avatar

    Is there a way to perform this on a OnePlus 9 Pro with Android 12? I tried the method in this article, but it doesn’t seem to work. Good camera and everything aside, I am seriously considering giving back the phone if it really doesn’t provide choosing your preferred way of navigating anymore, which is a critical workflow in every phone.

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