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OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro launched last month with some stunning hardware and software features. It features Android 10 based Oxygen OS 10.5 firmware update out of the box. The OnePlus 8 Pro in particular features the stunning 120 Hz screen refresh rate on a QHD+ display. However, that comes with a price. Lately, a significant amount of users have been reporting screen issues like green tint, black crush, even dark bar on the screen. In order to address these issues, the manufacture quickly released Oxygen OS 10.5.5 software update for the 8 Pro. Though it did not fix all of the screen issues with the 8 Pro, here is a new Oxygen OS 10.5.6 available for the 8 Pro that may have a possible fix.

While the Oxygen OS 10.5.6 update log (listed below) does not reveal any screen issues, according to some users, the update may have a possible fix; but only a partiality fix for the greed tint. After the update, when you switch DC dimming ON, the green tint doesn’t show up. Whereas, with DC dimming OFF, it still shows some green tint; but much better than before. As for the black bar and black crush, it may come later.

Here is a comparison by the user TaykilA,

Other improvements include major camera upgrade with refined dirt detection capability for more accuracy. It also improved the camera’s shooting experience with the front camera. And finally improved the stability of the OnePlus 8 Pro camera. The Network & Communication stability has been further improved as well. Checkout the complete changelog for Oxygen OS 10.5.6 for the OnePlus 8 series from below. Also, download the latest firmware update zips.

The previous Oxygen OS 10.5.5 update, on the other hand, brought system updates like optimization to the display effects. Most importantly, it optimized touch sensitivity on the screen edges for the OnePlus 8 Pro. The network got a huge boost for mobile data and WiFi stability along with support for VoWiFi in more countries and regions.

Oxygen OS 10.5.6 for OnePlus 8 Pro

What’s new with Oxygen OS 10.5.6 for OnePlus 8?

The Oxygen OS 10.5.6 is currently rolling out in the United States and also in some European countries. As for the EU, the build number may differ from the original available in the USA. Here is an update log from the 8 Pro variant IN11AA.


  • Fixed known issues and improved system stability


  • Refined the dirt detection capability to be more accurate than ever
  • Improved the camera’s shooting experience with the front camera
  • Improved the stability


  • Communication stability further enhanced

Download latest Oxygen OS 10.5.6 OTA Update for Oneplus 8 Pro

Updated: OTA download links listed! Users can check for the update in their phones and if they haven’t got the update yet. They can download from the links below and sideload it. It is a very easy process and does not harm the smartphone in any way.

You can download the OTA updates, by simply going to Settings app > System Updates > Check for OTA updates. It will automatically download and install the updates, if available.

If you don’t see any update there, you can check the software version of your OnePlus devices in Settings > About Phone and if we have the latest version available below, then download the full stock firmware zip or full ROM zip and install it via Local Upgrade method.

Before you download, checkout the various OnePlus 8 Pro variants

Here is a list of different OnePlus 8 Pro model numbers. Use this to download the firmware packages.

  • Packages with build number IN11DA are intended for Indian device variants
  • Packages with build number IN11AA and letter O in filename are intended for Global variants
  • Packages with build number IN11BA are intended for IN2023: EU European variants

Downloads for OnePlus 8 Pro

IN11DA India

IN11AA Global

IN11BA Europe

Local Upgrade: This requires the full stock firmware update zips. It is the easiest way to update any OnePlus device. You can switch between Open Beta firmware or Stable channel easily. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data. However, backup is very important.


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