Download latest Oxygen OS 10.3.0 OTA update for OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro

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OnePlus 7T download latest oxygen os ota update

Updated: OnePlus 7T Pro gets the Oxygen OS 10.3.0 OTA update too. OnePlus just released a new OTA update for their latest flagship – OnePlus 7T with critical bug fixes. This new update labelled Oxygen OS 10.3.0 on the 7T’s update screen features new Android 2019 security patch level from November 2019. However, the official posting on the OnePlus forums label the same update as Oxygen OS 10.0.7. So download and install the latest Oxygen OS 10.3.0 update for OnePlus 7T, also labelled Oxygen OS 10.0.7.

OOS 10.3.0 update for the 7T also improves the launching speed of the apps significantly. As we already know, the powerful Snapdragon 855+ and the UFS 3.0 storage already make the operation of apps extremely fast. The new update makes it even faster on a system level. So you can say Oxygen OS 10.3.0 is the most optimized software for the hardware. It also optimized the long awaited RAM management on the system. The update even optimized the black and white screen issues with some apps. Most importantly, the OnePlus Camera gets an update for improved the photo quality.

The previous update brought optimizations to the power consumption at standby mode. This improved the battery life significantly while the phone is not in use. It also optimized Bluetooth connectivity in automobiles like Android Auto. You can also expect some improvements to the system stability and general bug fixes.

What’s new with Oxygen OS 10.3.0 for OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro?

According to the update log listed in the screenshot below, the latest Oxygen OS 10.3.0 features the following improvements. While the official OnePlus forum labels the new incremental update as Oxygen Os 10.0.7, which makes sense, the update screen on OnePlus 7T states the former. Checkout the screenshot.

Oxygen OS 10.3.0 for OnePlus 7T

  • System
    • Improved the launching speed of some apps
    • Optimized the RAM Management
    • Optimized the black and white screen issues with some apps
    • Improved system stability and general bug fixes
    • Updated Android security patch to 2019.11
  • Camera
    • Improved the photo quality

Download Oxygen OS 10.3.0 or 10.0.7 for OnePlus 7T (Pro) – Latest OTA updates

Updated: The update will show build Oxygen OS 10.0.7 for the OnePlus 7T global and EU variants, and OOS 10.3.0 for the Indian variants. On the other hand, Oxygen OS 10.0.5 for the global and EU variants of 7T Pro. The OTA download links are listed below.

Oxygen OS updates are publicly available directly from manufacturer’s servers to the customers so you can also manually update your phones. The update come in two forms – OTA update and full stock firmware zips.

The OTA (over -the-air) updates can be captured from the phone itself:

For OTA updates, simply go to Settings app > System Updates > Check for OTA updates. It will automatically download and install the updates, if  available.

Alternatively, you can also grab the full stock firmware zip from below and manually install it using local upgrade method. However, note the variants from settings > about phone; before you download and install.

  • Packages with build tag HD65AA and letter I in filename is for the variant: HD1901: India
  • Packages with build tag HD65AA and letter O in filename is for the variant: HD1905: Global
  • Packages with build tag HD65BA is for the variant: HD1903: EU

Note: The OOS 10.0.6 OTA update just released. So it may take some time for the update to popup for all the variants. We will update the download link below as soon as it is available. So stay tuned!

Download for OnePlus 7T full OTA update

Downloads for OnePlus 7T Pro

Previous OTA updates:

Wondering how to update OnePlus 7T device to latest Oxygen OS firmware? Simply download the full stock firmware from above and perform a local upgrade using this tutorial.

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