Download Official Moto G5S (Plus) Android 8.1 Oreo OTA Update [OPS28.65-36]

Motorola is now rolling out official Android 8.1 Oreo OTA update for the Moto G5S and G5S Plus. This is the stable version of the update and not the soak test. We already have Motorola’s Beta soak test for the Moto G5, G5 Plus, the Moto G5S and G5S Plus. Now, the manufacturer is sending push notifications to users about their new stable Android 8.1 Oreo firmware. Luckily, users of Moto G5S Plus have been successful in capturing the OTA update from different regions and share the download links. So download and install Android 8.1 Oreo for Moto G5S and G5S Plus.

motorola push notification for android 8.1 oreo

The new firmware update for Moto G5S Plus is still based on the August 2018 Security Patch of Android 8.1. The OTA also features a new software version (build number) OPS28.65-36 for Moto G5S Plus as opposed to the build OPS28.85-13 that came for the Moto G5 (Plus). There is not much of a changelog from Motorola as of now. It sure features all the Android 8.1 Oreo goodies, new and updated Moto stock apps, bug fixes, and stability improvements.

On the contrary, Motorola may start recruiting for the upcoming Android 9.0 Pie Beta soak test as well. So you better sign up for Moto’s Soak Test so you get Android P before anyone else. This goes for all the Lenovo-Motorola mobile phones. Meanwhile, update Moto G5S (Plus) to Android 8.1 Oreo via full stock firmware (Fastboot zip) and OTA update zip from the stable channel.

Moto G5S (Plus) Android 8.1 Oreo Update ScreenshotMoto G5S (Plus) Android 8.1 Oreo Update Screenshot2

Download Moto G5S and G5S Plus official Android 8.1 Oreo OTA update OPS28.65-36

Following are the fastboot zips (full stock firmware update) as well as the OTA updates for the Moto G5S and G5 Plus with new firmware build number OPS28.65-36.

Currently, OTA zip for only Brazil and Indian variants of Moto G5S Plus and Montana variant of Moto G5S have been captured. So download and update now!

Moto G5S Plus OTA update:

As for the Moto G5 Plus, we have captured the OTA update as well as the fastboot flashable firmware. Both need different installation methods.

Moto G5S update:

As for the Moto G5, here is the latest Oreo OTA update zip. This has been tested working for device on April 2018 Security Patch.

How to Update Moto G5 and G5 Plus to official stock Android 8.1 Oreo?

The easiest way is to do an OTA upgrade. Note that this is full update zip. Best part is you will get future OTA updates because it is official and not a soak test.

Method 1: OTA update

  • Download the Moto G5S (Plus) OTA zip file from above.
  • Transfer the file to phone’s internal storage.
  • Go to Settings > apps
  • Provide storage permission to Motorola Update Services app.
  • Check for OTA updates from Settings.
  • The package will be automatically detected and system upgraded.

Method 2: OTA update

  • Download the Moto G5S (Plus) OTA update zip file from above.
  • Transfer the file to phone’s internal storage or sdcard ( in /sdcard/ ).
  • Turn off your phone completely.
  • Reboot into recovery mode. Press and hold Power + Volume down/up for a few seconds. (not TWRP)
  • From stock recovery, select “apply update from sdcard”
  • Select OTA zip file.

Method 3: Fastboot Flashable Firmware

For this method to work, you will need the fastboot zip for you particular variant. This will perform a clean installation and factory reset your phone. So backup. See method 2 in this tutorial on how to install fastboot firmware on Moto devices.

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    1. In Apps – Goto 3 dots menu and click on ‘Show system’, it will show you Motorola Update Services app. Once you successfully update, post your comments.

    2. i think there is no app to update the phone but you can update your phone by following these steps

      go to settings>About phone>System update>update
      if there is update then you can update there hope it helps @Naveen Kumar Reddy

  1. I’ve just updated the Oreo, it’s working fine. I want to know:
    1) will I continue to receive the official updates?
    2) I’m receiving a Advertisement kind of thing after few mins. Anyone else too?

  2. Currently I am on OPS28.49-2
    I have downloaded the zip files as directed above but still not received any OTA update.
    Please suggest.

  3. Currently I am on OPS28.49-2
    I have downloaded the zip files as directed above but still not received any OTA update.
    Please suggest

  4. Tis is not for moto g5s plus and if it’s for moto g5s plus then why not detecting and also recovery shows error help

    1. I tried installing the update via OTA method. And it worked. My phone is stock. Not rooted nor have custom recovery.

  5. Thanks for update. I could successfully update my Moto G5S Plus to Oreo 8.1.
    Followed the said steps.
    1)Downloaded the file from link (took 3…3.5 hrs on Jio 4G)
    2)Moved the zip file to internal storage.
    3)Granted storage permission to Moto Service Update App.
    4) Checked for updates
    *Before update my phone was on latest security update of June 2018.

    Update took about 30…35 minutes.
    Also while installing update my battery was about 25% juice so I plugged the charger in and phone was updated without any failure or problem https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e23870d201eda1297656f9e549df6bed366b7f83baa8694d11971a7e83acb901.png tu https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b6624acd4daeda14dbe296aabfec711c6f0bc220a3924820731defa23ecbd17.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/848aa0577016435ca2a8d66f60ff8fa24c3da59c05357716b30f92855b165eb9.png

    1. Dude why my phone not detecting I have not rooted or anything I did just as instructions but not detected help I have downloaded from mega link

    2. Did you find any advt bug? Advt popping after every 10-15 mins? And why is it showing Thursday in the screenshot?

      1. No advt pop-ups. You might be receiving the pop-ups due some other 3rd party app. Next time if you see pop-up, immediately open “recent apps”, you will come to know which app is giving you advt pop-ups.
        The “Thus 6.15” that is my alarm, which is displayed on the status bar/notification bar/drop-down list.

  6. Hey guys is it official or pre-release?? In above screen shot its shows kernal version prerelese? For moto g5s plus !! Please conform guys???

    1. It looks official, in the sense the procedure to install these updates is normal/official. So I think even though it shows pre-release it should be official. Also didn’t have any issues while installing via OTA method. Further I have already enrolled for Motorola’s feedback service, so even though this update might be a pre-release, hoping to get future updates officially via OTA?

  7. Just updated my G5 (S) Plus through OTA Update and is using it for last 5-10 minutes… It is working fine. One suggestion – As mentioned in the comments shared by other user that update file is to be saved in internal storage, kindly mention specifically that the update file is required to be moved from Download folder to Internal Storage (Root folder). Secondly also mention that to see ‘Motorola Update services’ – Goto 3 dots menu and click on ‘Show system’, it will show then Motorola Update Services app

  8. The OTA update for moto g5s requires that you have version 7.1.1/NPPS26.102-49-8/6

    My phone has already been updated to 7.1.1/NPPS26.102-49-11/11

    Could you please upload an OTA update for 7.1.1/NPPS26.102-49-11/11

    Thank you Kindly

  9. Any idea if we will receive future updates after installing this one, I know its too optimistic thing to imagine from motorola but still security updates.

  10. This is pre-release version not the final version. Please update your article and don’t misguide people …

    1. Yeah it kind sucks but what i noticed is ut works fast in the morning and after 60% it completed in an instant

  11. Hi guys help me out plz I have downloaded moto g5splus update file but I’m getting unable to open file No application available I m getting this message please help out

  12. I updated my mobile today through this process post update power and volume button are not working. Any one else facing the same issue? Also if anyone can tell me how to roll back to Android 7.1 (previous version). Thanks in advance.

  13. Hi,
    I have been trying to do it from past 2 days, I downloaded 2-3 files but still I’m not able to get it.
    I’m using Moto g5 plus
    I kept the download file in internal loval and allowed oermisperm to Motorola update service app!
    But still my phone shows system up to date

  14. Hi All,
    I’m from Poland in Europe. I have model XT 1805. Can I install Brazil or Indian version ? Maybe I should wait for European version ?

  15. Yes I m trying to install the update but it is not installing the update can u plz tel me the correct how to update my moto g5spluse phone

  16. Hi all, I need a help in updating my Moto G5S Plus device. Actually I have manually updated my device with soak test build. Now I’m not getting OTA update and also I can’t able to update manually with the downloaded OTA update.
    Even I have tried “Method 2: OTA update” but it shows as Signature verification failed.

    Kindly provide your recommendations.

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