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Following the GDPR law roll out across the European Union territory, companies have started updating their privacy policies under consumer data protect act. This also includes online firms, websites, apps or software companies and more updated their terms and conditions. GDPR law obligates data protection practices of the end user or consumer concerning their privacy. Google, Facebook, Twitter all have already updated their products and services accordingly. So now we can choose which ads we would like to see and whether to enable or disable advertisements from these sources.

Google Adsense or Admob is the most popular services when it comes to advertising your websites and Android apps. So developers make use of these services and put ads in their apps. So developers get more greedy and put annoying Ads across their apps and even wake up your Android phones to push advertisements on user’s homescreen or lockscreen.

Before we proceed, let us explore on why do we see these annoying popup Ads. So when you sign up for a Google Account for the first time, it automatically also creates an Advertising ID and serve you personalized Ads. You can later disable these personalized Ads. That’s exactly what we are going to do in this tutorial.

The most important thing is that you get to choose which Ads you would like to see. So you can disable certain malicious Ads, adult ads, even the annoying popup ads, etc. Note that this won’t get rid of each and every Ad on your device. Remember that Ads are a way to the livelihood of app makers and websites too. This tutorial will get rid of most of the annoying full screen popup Ads and allow only clean ads.

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How to remove fullscreen popup ads from Android phones?

The first thing you will need to do is check for any malicious apps present on your Android phone. Remover them immediately. Usually it is always a corrupt app. Also, do not download apps from unknown sources.

  • Now, go to Settings > Accounts > Google Account.
  • In older devices, Google Account > and go to Personal Info and Privacy > Ads Settings.
  • In newer devices, this option is present at Settings > Google > Ads.

Screenshot 20180912 154619 Google Play services min

  • Opt out of Ads Personalization. Also choose Ads by Google and opt out.
  • You can also visit Ads Settings from here via browser. Sign into primary Google account.

Ad Settings Google Chrome 2018 09 12 15.42.26 min

  • Now, toggle Ad personalization to OFF.
  • You will get a popup saying Visit your Online Choices.

Ad Settings Google Chrome 2018 09 12 15.39.28 min

  • Select it, let it load.

WebChoices Digital Advertising Alliances Consumer Choice Tool for Web US Google Chrome 2018 09 12 15.43.07 min

  • Opt out of all the advertisement sources you would like to.

WebChoices Digital Advertising Alliances Consumer Choice Tool for Web US Google Chrome 2018 09 12 15.41.24 min

  • Reboot your phone.

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