Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 7th Oreo beta download and install ZRAE

Samsung did say that the 6th Oreo Beta would be the final Android 8.0 update for the Galaxy S8 devices. The manufacturer also released a notice regarding the same issue stating that the Samsung Beta program has ended. However, the notice seems to be revoked and yet another Beta update is rolling out in the United States right now. So download and install the latest 7th Oreo Beta for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus right now by going to Settings > Software updates > and Download OTA updates manually.

Samsung’s new Oreo Beta 7 for Galaxy S8/S8+ features the firmware build number G950U1XXU1ZRAE and G955U1XXU1ZRAE. for the unlocked variants. This also means that the carrier bound S8 variants from T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon will feature the Baseband versions G950UXXU1ZRAE and G955UXXU1ZRAE. All the Snapdragon variants are reportedly receiving this update.

The Exynos variants of Galaxy S8, however, may get the 4th Oreo Beta with the same build number ZRAE soon. This is because the Oreo update for Exynos was released at a later time than Snapdragon. Hence the S8 Exynos variants holding the model numbers SM-G950F and  SM-G955F may receive OTA updates – G950FXXU1ZRAE and G955FXXU1ZRAE.

Changelog: What’s new with Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ 7th Oreo Beta?

The 7th Beta Software Update released on January 19th comes with firmware build number ZRAE and is based on Samsung Experience 9.0. The FOTA update is currently rolling out in the United States for Galaxy S8 series on unlocked variants SM-G950U1  and SM-G955U1. The 7th beta software update contains of the following bug fixes for stability improvements.

Bug Fix:

  • Badge count of message app does not match.
  • System security does not close after finished scanning.
  • Samsung Experience force closes.
  • Camera failed to open. Recording starts a lot later after record button is pressed.
  • Battery drain issue.
  • Unable to use scroll wheel on mouse on Side Sync App.
  • Email app inside the secure folder does not update count.
  • Samsung Keyboard force closes.
  • Device reboots while using Sprint Direct Connect app.
  • Notification panel does not show any notifications and it is cut off on top.
  • Weather widget letters are overlapping.
  • System UI force closed and screen went black for couple of seconds.
  • Samsung Cloud force closes.
  • Camera shows black screen on split screen and is unable to take pictures.

Screenshots regarding the update log:

Samsungs 7th Oreo Beta now available for download changelog Windows Photo Viewer 2018 01 20 14.39.48 Samsungs 7th Oreo Beta now available for download changelog Windows Photo Viewer 2018 01 20 14.40.36 Samsungs 7th Oreo Beta now available for download changelog Windows Photo Viewer 2018 01 20 14.40.55

As you can see the update log from above, the 7th Beta update brings several bug fixes including the Badge count problem for message app. Many users have been facing the Samsung Experience force close error. This has now been fixed. After update, you will also see less battery drain. Camera and video recording issues are now fixed. Force close errors from Samsung Keyboard, Cloud are now gone.

The OTA is currently only hitting the United Stated for now. We will see similar OTA update in South Korea, UK, India, Poland, Netherlands, etc. This might be the last Beta update from Samsung. We will see an official stable build soon. So stay tuned.

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