Blueborne Vulnerability fix for Verizon Galaxy Note Edge

With positively advancing technology, negative aspects have also managed to creep up parallelly in the virtual space. Let it be any platform, Android or computer, negative sides are as much prevalent as positive sides. Talking about which, have you ever thought why so much rush happens to grab a security update when it rolls for any device..? This is because there are several system and human-oriented vulnerabilities which can harm your device. There are chances of your data getting stolen, device getting misused etc. In recent times, there has been a significant rise of malware threat for Android OS. More recently a Bluetooth based security threat called Blueborne vulnerability has shown up.

Major smartphone heads such as Apple, Google etc have patched this threat as of now. In this context US-based carrier, Verizon also released a patch for the Blueborne vulnerability for Galaxy Note Edge. It is rolling as an OTA update with software version N915VVRU2CQI3. Even some custom ROMs are rolling out with security patches for Blueborne vulnerability. That itself shows how much a threat Blueborne poses to the Android devices.

What is Blueborne Vulnerability..?

Blueborne Vulnerability

What Blueborne vulnerability does is it opens the door for any malicious user within your device’s Bluetooth range to access your device and steal your device data. The malicious user comes posed as a device that wants to discover and connect over Bluetooth to a regular user but there is where exploit/hack takes place. The hacker hijacks the entire Bluetooth stack and gains control of the connection. Armis Security was the first bring this threat out to the light.

You can read about that in more details here.

Blueborne Attack Vector Exposes Devices Connected Through Bluetooth 

Recently many devices were deemed vulnerable to this threat of Blueborne. Galaxy Note Series of devices were some of them. Out of which Verizon Galaxy Note Edge is currently receiving a security patch to fix the Blueborne vulnerability.

Download: Verizon Galaxy note Edge Blueborne Vulnerability Patch

Blueborne vulnerability
Official Note from Verizon Regarding the security Patch update for Blueborne Vulnerability

This changelog from Verizon doesn’t really specify if it includes latest September based security patch or the patch is of August build for Galaxy Note Edge. But the fact remains that the patch includes the security fixes for Blueborne Vulnerability.

If it is available for Your device, the device will automatically install it. Also, you can manually check if the OTA has reached your device or not.
Simply got to your device Settings > About device > System updates. If available install it by following instructions on the screen.

Therefore, make sure to catch the security update patch as it becomes available for your Galaxy Note edge. The Blueborne Vulnerability is a serious security threat that needs fixing. Also make sure to keep coming and scrolling through AndroidSage for every single detail about latest security updates for all Android Smartphones.

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