ZEN UI 4.0

ASUS always creates buzz when it drops its trademark ZEN UI interfaces. And not long ago ASUS started rolling out the latest ZEN UI 4.0 for its devices. It brings in loads of new features and smart user interfaces that will surely grab a lot of curious eyes on it. The previous versions fo ZEN UI were criticized for a lot of pre-installed Apps. This is well-taken care in ZEN UI 4.0. The latest ZEN UI ensures a seamless and minimalist user interface that gives importance to efficiency. Hence it brags with the tagline Lighter, Cleaner and Smarter than ever. 

Now You can download the ZEN UI 4.0 Apps for your android device. We have included the direct download link to download the Apps. Installation is very simple too. Let’s look at the what the amazing feature ZEN UI 4.0 brings to the devices.

Features of the latest ZEN UI 4.0 from ASUS

The lastest ZEN UI 4.0 comes with following promising features.

  • Gallery powered with AI

    Sorting photos in the gallery can now be simply by facial recognition. There is no requirement of being online to do so.
  • Stunning DisplayAll new lively display with animated themes and HD wallpapers.Every time you open the screen, you get greeted with different images.ZEN UI 4.0
  • SOS location tracking
    This facility helps avail the emergency services by keeping track of the user’s location.ZEN UI 4.0
  • Game Genie This enables an awesome gaming experience by enabling lock screen system. So, that to avoid accidental screen switching during gameplay.ZEN UI 4.0
  • Page Maker This helps to mark a particular page or content of any important document which can be later accessed with ease. The marked content/page gets backed up to cloud storage. And this can be performed irrespective of being online or offline.ZEN UI 4.0
  • Twin AppsThis is to keep the work and personal profile separate in the social media platform or messaging service.This solves the hassle of logging in and out all the time !!ZEN UI 4.0

List of ZEN UI 4.0 Apps To Download

Here is a comprehensive list of all the Apps you can find ZEN UI 4.0 and You can now download them too.

  • ASUS Zen UI v4.0.0.1
  • Calculator App
  • Gallery
  • Desk clock
  • Contact
  • ZenUI Launcher V4.0.0.23
  • Theme App
  • Mobile Manager
  • File manager
  • Selfie Master
  • Weather time
  • Sound recorder
  • Game Genie

Download: ZEN UI 4.0 Apps

Here we are providing the direct download link to download the Apps we mentioned above that comes pre-installed with ZEN UI 4.0.

The above link contains all the APK files for the ZEN UI 4.0 Apps we mentioned above. All the APK files are put into one zip file.

How To Install ZEN UI 4.0 Apps

The process of installation is fairly simple. since all are APK files, you have to simply install them as APK.

Therefore, install the latest ZEN UI Apps on your device and experience the lighter, cleaner and smarter interface the latest ZEN UI promises to deliver.


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