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Latest Google Search Lite App [APK Download]

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Google Search Lite

Those Android users who use their smartphones to access the internet are always looking out for no nonsense apps that can perform efficiently in a slow network speed scenario.And this is an issue something everyone can relate to.So to cope with that we saw the expansion of regular apps in form of “Lite” Apps.In a more simpler sense, the Lite version of any App is created to perform efficiently in low-speed networks using less data. So, keeping this in mind Google has released a new App called Google Search Lite. And this App strives to keep the bar high of Google by performing efficient searching with exciting features like offline usage.And also supports the national and regional languages of India.

Although first launched as test App in Indonesia, it seems Google Search Lite is aiming towards the whole of the Asian market. It’s very much in its Beta Testing stage.And through which it can collect reviews and get further enhancements in coming days.

What’s New With Google Search Lite

Lets us take a quick look at what are the exciting features Google Search Lite has to offer.

  • Offline Features.
  • Requires less storage space.
  • Can work with less memory.
  • Swipe sideways to change the preferred language.
  • Quick Acces Icons like Translate, Weather that can be personalized.
  • Easily accessible search bar.
  • Lite web pages feature to save data while browsing.

Download Google Search Lite APK

Google’s Search Lite v0.1.164850219 APK | Direct download

Simply follow the link to download the App.

How To Install the Search Lite APK

Installation of Google Search Lite APK and getting started is very easy.

Google Search LiteGoogle Search Lite
Google Search Lite


Google Search LiteGoogle Search Lite


Google Search Lite

So, you can install and get started with Google Search lite App in 3 simple steps.
Simply follow the screenshots and in less than 2 minutes APK will be installed on your device.

After you are done installing and when you open the App, you will see this…
home page of Search Lite.
Google Search Lite

You can very well see the term Experimental displayed at the top right corner of the home page. And like we said it is the beta version of Google Search Lite to gain reviews and opinions.

It works in association with Google Chrome. That means when you open a web page it will open in Chrome browser tab.

Offline Pages option allows you to save web content and read them offline. But since it’s a Beta version, the option tends to not work properly sometimes.

Google Search Lite

Customization and Personalization

Google Search Lite provides a lot of scopes for customization by the user.

It allows the user to

  • Select the interface language.
  • Opting for Lite Web Pages for optimal data usage.
  • Switching Email Account.
  • Enable SafeSearch for filtering explicit web contents.

To do so simply,
Go to Personalize > General

And You can follow the below screenshots.

Google Search LiteGoogle Search Lite

Additionally, you can also customize the background of the Google Lite Search home page with your own choice of wallpaper.

To do it Go to Personalize > Customize > Pick Wallpaper

Google Search Lite Google Search Lite

Here just follow the screenshots yourself to customize.

Therefore, we can think of Google Lite Search as the one stop solution for efficient web browsing in a low-speed network environment.And Google always aims for perfection.

So, we can expect that with all such features Beta version of Google Search Lite is going to be helpful for seamless mobile web surfing at a global level instead of a particular region in future.

Till then grab the APK, enjoy and do let us know.

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