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Over these years we have seen a bunch of messaging platforms from Google like- Allo, Duo, and the very popular Hangouts. Last year, we have heard of Google building a communication tool for the businesses through hangouts. Moreover, in last month we have also seen Google Meet on the Play store, which was taken off later. Surprisingly, today, Google came out with a big news and unveiled the Meet app for the corporates. Moreover, the app is now split into two versions, namely, the Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chats. The Hangouts Meet is a video conference app that is designed for the business to communicate effortlessly, whereas the Hangouts Chat app is designed to connect business teams as one, discussing tasks, sharing work and much more. Moreover, you can download the Apk as given below.

hangouts Meet

Many users were in the dilemma as it was skeptical whether Google will ditch the Hangouts app for the existing users or not. Thankfully, the head of Allo & Duo- ‘Amit Fulay’ tweeted via his twitter account confirming that the Hangouts app is not going anywhere. Meaning, you can use the new Hangouts Chat app on one-on-one chat basis.

The given image shows Amit Fulay replying to Andrew king that Hangouts in not going anywhere.

amit fulay tweets about hangouts chat

What’s new in the Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat App from Google?

Amidst of all the efforts and improvement from Google, the Hangout was the messaging app that was getting less attention lately. However, that changes today. Now, Google has unveiled two new versions of Hangouts which are called as Hangouts Meet and Chat. It looks like Google is targeting its competitor Microsoft by building a Slack-like communication tool.

Hangouts Meet: 

The name says it all. Hangouts Meet is a powerful communication app specially designed to focus on video conferences for corporates. You can check out the image given below, it will give you an exact idea about how the Meet interface looks like.

hangouts Meet video interface

With meet, you can now start fast video conversations with a simple shared link. Meanwhile, the application allows a maximum number of 30 live participants smoothly. Moreover, the clients can quickly join the active conversation with the share link with no delays and interruptions. This also skips the part for downloading plugins or extensions, it is as simple as that. Furthermore, Meet provides a place for everyone to join from the Calendar, an email invite or an ad-hoc share. If you’re dialing in from a conference room, your laptop or using the dedicated mobile app, just a few clicks and you’re in.

Meet also integrates with G Suite, information on meetings is pulled directly from Calendar. Moreover, each meeting comes with a dedicated dial-in phone number, so you don’t need separate Wi-Fi to stay connected. The Meet as is available today and you can either download it from play store or head over to the link given below. Moreover, we expect Google to push updates to the G Suite users in the next few weeks.

Hangouts Chat:

The Hangouts Chats app is available for both- the G Suite users as well as the normal users. The Chats provide normal users with one-to-one chat options. Whereas, the G suite users will get a privilege to have dedicated virtual rooms that can be created for each project along with threaded conversations. This allows the teams to follow the progress of a project more easily. Furthermore, It also has deep integration of Chat with the G suite so you can directly share content from Drive, Docs etc. Moreover, It also works natively on the web, Android, and iOS to cover all platform needs. The image given below shows the sample of conversations.

Hanouts Chat conversation

Well, the chat not only provides deep integration of the G Suite, but it also provides the corporates to create bots using the simple Google App Scripts. Moreover, it also allows the third-party app integration so that the teams can do more productive work from their conversation itself. Currently, Google has teamed up with the companies like- Asana, Zendesk, ProsperWorks and Box for such platform. The below image give you an exact idea of how the platform works.

hangouts chat bots

However, the Hangout chat is only available for the G suite users today. So you need to manually apply via the Early Adopter Program.

Source: Google Blog, Twitter

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