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Aptoide Android App Store Review V8

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Download Aptoide V8 Android Apps Store

Aptoide is an alternative Android App Store solution for end users and developers which give you the opportunity to create and manage your own Android store. Aptoide is the third largest app store, following Play Store and Amazon app store, containing many up to date Android apps. The most important feature and one of the reasons you would want an additional App store on your Android device is the availability of latest and up to date apps. Aptoide store comes in handy here. It is a community driven App store with users uploading the latest apps and creating their own store.

Normally, Android app developers release an update to their apps and release it on the Google Play store. However, not all the parts of the world receive the newer version of the app at the same time. Many of the updates are only available in countries like USA, UK, and other countries in Europe and Latin region. Later, the apps migrate to Asian and Middle Eastern countries; just like any Android updates. Here, the Aptoide app store comes in handy as it notifies you of the latest versions of the apps no matter where you are. You can then download and install it directly onto your Android device.

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Aptoide V8 review

A new version of the Aptoide app store is being released and the developer version V8 is already available. As for the user interface, Aptoide is very similar to the Google Play store. Many functions and features are similar to that of Google’s app store. Hence, the app seems user-friendly. The home page is tabular with options like updates, timeline, stores, and much more.

We tested the Aptoide v8 and tried updating the Google Play Store itself. Our Android device was running an older v6.9 and we were trying to update it to the latest Google Play Store v7.0.18.H-all [0] and to our surprise, the Play Store updated seamlessly. As we had a rooted device, we granted root permissions and the whole process was automated.

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Another great feature of Aptoide is that you can subscribe to a store you like and get the latest apps readily. This way, you can build trust with the particular store and apps as well. Basically, the apps are uploaded by users having the latest versions of the app. However, Aptoide scans and verifies the app before publishing it to their servers. However, not all apps are verified and you should be careful with that. Always check the “Trusted” or “Verified” symbol while installing any app.

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You can also grant root access to the app on your Android device using the SuperSU which will let Aptoide install an automatically for you just like the Play Store.

Download official Aptoide V8aptoide-logo

Update: The stable Aptoide V8 is now available for download. The Aptoide Dev V8 works just fine as well. Simply head over to this link and hit install. You will get the latest aptoide-

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