Google Maps Update Breaks Android Auto How to Fix

Many Android Auto users who rely on Google Maps for navigation, are encountering a frustrating bug wherein they can’t access Maps on Android Auto. According to reports, the latest Google Maps Beta version, 11.132.0100, is causing issues with Android Auto functionality with an error — There was an issue loading Maps. Here is how to fix it.

While signing up for the latest beta versions of apps may give you access to new features early, it can also contribute to bugs and crashes. Just like the latest Google Maps beta breaking on some car head unit.

Users have reported that after updating to Google Maps Beta version 11.132.0100, launching Android Auto triggers crashes with Google Maps. Instead, the app crashes, and users are redirected back to the Android Auto app list. Even attempting to relaunch Google Maps from this list results in further crashes, rendering the navigation app unusable within the Android Auto interface.

Google Maps Beta Version 11.132.0100 Breaks Android Auto

How to Fix Google Maps Not Working on Android Auto?

While the Google Maps Beta version 11.132.0100 may have caused headaches for Android Auto users, there are steps you can take to regain functionality. By uninstalling updates, downgrading to previous stable versions can bring your Google Maps back.

While the situation may seem dire, there are steps you can take to mitigate the issue:

1. Uninstall Google Maps Beta: Several users have found success by uninstalling the beta version of Google Maps and reverting to the stable version.

Google Maps beta testing

2. Downgrade to Previous Versions: Downgrading to previous stable versions of Google Maps, such as v11.131.0101, has resolved the issue for some users.

Download Google Maps Stable

Download Google Maps Stable Play Store


If Google Maps is still not working on Android Auto, see if your phone and Google Maps has proper permissions, especially Location permissions and Location is turned ON your Android phone and Android Auto.

Download latest Android Auto 12.1 stable version.

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