Rabbit OS software update for Rabbit R1

The Rabbit r1, the popular handheld AI gadget, just received a significant software update. This update integrates many AIs into one device including OpenAI’s latest ChatGPT-4o model. ChatGPT integration is the most awaited feature by all R1 users, which could actually make the Rabbit device usable and more responsive.

The latest update not only enhances existing features but also introduces new capabilities powered by advanced AI integrations like ChatGPT, Perplexity for AI search, and Wolfram for complex mathematics, making the Rabbit r1 even more indispensable.

The operating system is called Rabbit OS. As this is a cloud device, the Rabbit team has two separate software updates. One is the usual OTA update which is on-device and the second is cloud update done in the backend.

The first update improved the battery performance by up to 5x! The second update reduced LLM hallucinations. Let’s dive into the latest update.

Full Rabbit R1 Full Changelog

what’s new for the latest rabbit r1 release?

rabbit OS

  • GPT-4o now powers translator to support 100 languages
  • Wolfram Alpha is now integrated to accurately answer queries related to math, science, technology, society, and culture
  • upgraded Perplexity model for more accurate and informative answers
  • translator more accurately determines source and target language and improves accuracy of translations
  • longer meetings supported and more accurate summaries generated with meeting recorder
  • improved location accuracy when using Uber
  • improved speech recognition
  • improved rabbit assistant responses


  • yelp now supported starting with simple voice-based searches
  • “Search Yelp for …” will ask rabbit to go on yelp and search for you


  • full transcripts of voice recordings can now be downloaded
  • search and conversation history now logged in rabbithole
  • Midjourney images now logged and can be downloaded through journal
  • keyword search now supported in journal entries
  • minor UI changes

Bug Fixes

  • improved intention classification with voice recording
  • voice notes can now summarize previous conversations
  • r1 auto-refreshes to connect to newly connected apps in rabbithole

what’s new in the previous rabbit r1 release? r1 device/rabbit OS

Previous Rabbit r1 patch notes:

  • Improved answers to weather-related questions
  • improved QR code scanning accuracy for device setup
  • more accurate geolocation when GPS signal is weak
  • added more characters to keyboard
  • improved keyboard sensitivity
  • minor display fixes to the clock and battery
  • improved music playback over Bluetooth
  • improved context awareness for voice notes


  • improved Uber experience with additional driver information and more frequent status updates
  • minor bug fixes in Spotify
  • improvements and bug fixes in DoorDash

Bug Fixes

  • shake to return home from the main settings screen
  • improved connections to phone hotspots and various mesh WiFi routers
  • terminal mode fixes / improvements
  • rabbithole journal bug fixes
  • improved visual feedback on login expiration for LAM features

What’s New in the Latest Rabbit r1 Release?

Rabbit OS Enhancements

The Rabbit OS is the heart of the Rabbit r1, and this update brings several key enhancements that will make using the device smoother and more intuitive.

  • GPT-4o Integration: The new update integrates GPT-4o, empowering the translator feature to support 100 languages. This addition ensures more accurate and versatile communication across different languages, making it a powerful tool for all users across the globe.
  • Wolfram Alpha Integration: Now, with Wolfram Alpha integrated, the Rabbit r1 can provide precise answers to queries related to math, science, technology, society, and culture. This transforms the device into a more knowledgeable assistant capable of handling complex informational requests.
  • Upgraded Perplexity Model: The Perplexity model has been upgraded to offer more accurate and informative answers. This improvement enhances the overall quality of search, interactions, providing users with reliable and detailed responses.
  • Enhanced Translator Accuracy: The translator now more accurately determines the source and target languages, improving the reliability of translations and ensuring clearer communication.
  • Extended Meeting Support: The meeting recorder feature now supports longer meetings and generates more accurate summaries. This is a boon for professionals who rely on Rabbit r1 for capturing and summarizing lengthy discussions.
  • Improved Location Accuracy: When using services like Uber, the location accuracy has been enhanced, ensuring that your ride-hailing experience is smoother and more precise.
  • Better Speech Recognition: The update brings improvements to speech recognition capabilities, making voice commands and dictations more accurate.
  • Enhanced Rabbit Assistant Responses: The Rabbit Assistant is now more responsive and context-aware, providing more relevant and timely assistance.

Local Area Manager (LAM) Improvements

The Local Area Manager, or LAM, has also received notable upgrades, particularly in its integrations with popular services:

  • Yelp Integration: Users can now perform voice-based searches on Yelp. By simply saying, “Search Yelp for…”, the Rabbit r1 will fetch the desired information from Yelp, making local searches more convenient.

Rabbithole Journal Upgrades

The Rabbithole journal, a feature beloved by users for logging and retrieving information, has been significantly enhanced:

  • Full Transcripts Download: Full transcripts of voice recordings can now be downloaded, allowing users to easily review and share detailed conversations.
  • Search and Conversation History Logging: All search and conversation histories are now logged, providing a comprehensive record of interactions that users can revisit.
  • Midjourney Image Logging: Images generated during Midjourney sessions are now logged and can be downloaded through the journal, enriching the visual documentation capabilities.
  • Keyword Search in Journal Entries: The journal now supports keyword search, making it easier to find specific entries and information within your logs.
  • Minor UI Changes: Subtle changes to the user interface enhance the overall user experience, making the journal more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Fixes and Improvements Driven by User Feedback

Community feedback has been pivotal in shaping the latest updates. Here are some key fixes and improvements made based on user suggestions:

  • Improved Intention Classification: The device’s ability to classify intentions from voice recordings has been improved, leading to more accurate and relevant responses.
  • Voice Notes Summarization: Voice notes can now summarize previous conversations, providing a quick recap of past interactions and improving continuity in dialogue.
  • Auto-Refresh for New Apps: The r1 now automatically refreshes to connect to newly connected apps within the Rabbithole, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

How to update Rabbit R1?

Similar to any phone update, you can visit the setting and visit the software update section on your Rabbit R1 in order to receive an OTA.

Make sure to have your device connected to either WiFi or have SIM card in your device with Mobile Data on.

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