Lawnchair 14 based on Pixel Launcher 14 APK Download

Android OS is all about customization and personalization. What better way to get the latest launcher Google has to offer from the Pixel lineup running Android 14? You can now get the latest Pixel Launcher 14 on any Android device with the latest Lawnchair 14 update.

Launchair started as a Pixel Launcher Port. It has now grown to more than just a port with a full-fledged launcher for Android. The latest update is based on Launcher3 — Android’s default home app — as a starting point, and ports Pixel Launcher features with tons of customization options.

Download and install Lawnchair 14 APK — Pixel Launcher port from Android 14 — on any Android device.

What’s New in Lawnchair 14?

According to the official changelog, Lawnchair brings support for Android 15, 14, 13, all the way down to Android 9.0. After almost 2 years of silence, the developer has started the development again.

It includes the following features:

  • QuickSwitch from Android 10 to Android 14.
  • GestureNavContract for no-root app closing animations.
  • No-root Global Search: search your contacts, files, settings, and the web.
  • Startpage as the new default search engine.
  • Smartspacer support, At a Glance alternative.
  • Custom icon shapes, alongside new predefined ones.
  • Additional fonts support.
  • Improved icon pack/themed icons picker.
  • More color, padding, and font customization options.
  • Custom Home Feed support.
  • Hide Dock support, and.
  • Improved Settings UI with announcements section.

QuickSwitch Support Across Android Versions

Lawnchair has always supported QuickSwitch, and with Lawnchair 14, this functionality can be enjoyed over Android 10 to 14. It brings seamless gestures and a customizable recents screen without resorting to older versions of Lawnchair.

GestureNavContract Integration

Lawnchair 14 supports GestureNavContract integration, a feature brought forth by Google in Android 11. This integration enhances Launcher-Recents animations, providing smoother transitions and interactions.

Global Search Capability

The update brings Global Search, allowing users to seamlessly search through their phone’s contacts, files, settings, and even the web; with plans to expand search options in the future.

Startpage Integration

Lawnchair adds Startpage as the default search engine, giving Google-like search results. The dev claims revenue-sharing agreement with Startpage that prioritizes user data privacy. Additionally, you can disable Startpage.

Theming Options

Lawnchair 14 introduces an array of theming options including hiding the dock, custom icon shapes, and more

Download Lawnchair 14 APK

There are two versions of this, one is the latest nightly build with latest features, but highly unstable. The second is the Lawnchair 14 Beta, quite stable from our testing.

Download Lawnchair from Play Store

Stable Lawnchair is still based on Lawnchair2. If you want stability, get it from the Play Store.

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