How to enable Body Temperature on your Google Pixel using the Thermometer app, in any country or region

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Body Temperature on your Google Pixel with Thermometer app

If you don’t already know, the Google Pixel, starting the Pixel 7, comes with Body Temperature measurement hardware built-into the smartphones. All you need to do is point your Pixel device to your forehead; rear camera facing your body. The Google devices also come with a Pixel Thermometer app to get all the readings in real time.

However, the body temperature functionality is only available in select countries like the United States. But don’t worry, here is how to enable Body Temperature measurement on your Google Pixel phones in any country or region, even outside the United States.

January 2024 Pixel Feature Drop: Thermometer, Circle to Search, and More

Google’s January 2024 Pixel Feature Drop brings Circle to Search, a Thermometer app to record body temperature right on your phone, Photomoji for messages and replies, Magic Compose for AI replies to messages, and Quick Share in collaboration with Samsung. Uncover how these updates redefine the Pixel experience.

This update brings the most awaited Thermometer app to Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, or even older. However, devices like Pixel 7a, or the older Pixel series may not have the Temperature sensor built-in.

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What is Thermometer App? Recording Body Temperature Made Easy

As promised at the Pixel 8 Pro launch, the Thermometer app is now a reality. Users can conveniently record body temperature using the Camera Bar, placing it close to the forehead’s center and tapping the screen. A seamless process involves moving the phone across the forehead to the temple within seconds, with a confirming vibration for a successful measurement. Readings are then stored in the Fitbit app, providing a valuable health monitoring feature.

Image of body temperature experience in the Thermometer app on Pixel 8 Pro

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How to take the temperature of any object with your Pixel phone?

You can measure the surface temperature of objects, including body temp, with your Pixel phone.

Important: The temperature sensor is located on the top right on the back of the phone, next to the camera. The object shouldn’t touch the actual phone.

For body temperature: Launch the Thermometer app, and scan your forehead with your phone to get an accurate body temperature measurement for you or a loved one.

To measure the temperature of an object with your Pixel phone:

  1. On your Pixel phone, open the Thermometer app.
  2. Tap Object Temperature.
  3. Select the material of the object that you want to measure.
  4. Tap Done.
  5. Position your Pixel phone within 5 cm (2 in) of the object.
  6. Tap to measure.
  7. To measure again, tap Repeat.
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[Non-Root] How to enable Pixel 8 Pro’s body temperature measurement feature outside the US?

In short, you just need to change the region of the SIM card to the United States, thanks to Kamila Wojciechowska. You can revert it back to your original region once the Thermometer app gets activated.

However, you will need Shizuku to change the region of the SIM – card by editing the TelephonyManager.getSimCountryIso() config.

  • First, download the Shizuku app on your phone.
  • Setup Shizuku using this tutorial. For Android 11 and above, it is Wireless.
  • Next, you need to install the Carrier Vanity Name APK from above.
  • Launch the APK and allow Shizuku.
  • You will see two input fields.
  • You need the bottom field labeled ‘ISO country code’. *
  • In this field, enter ‘us’ and click Set.
  • Stop the Thermometer app and clear its data.
  • The body temperature function should then be available.
  • You can reset the SIM card operator region by pressing the Reset button.
  • The body temperature function will remain active until you reset the Thermometer app data.

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