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Google Camera photography has come a long way since its inception. The Pixel 7 Pro camera app is one of the most powerful cameras in any Android device so far. The 50 MP camera sensor coupled with Google’s software tuning makes the GCAM 8.7 the best camera app in a smartphone. Here, download the latest GCAM 8.7 port for all Android devices featuring Config File support and Noise Model for noise reduction in photos. Also, download the XML Config Files and Noise Model files from below.

However, despite the advancement in technology and software making it easier than ever to capture stunning images, noise in photos still remains a major issue for mobile photographers. Noise in photos can be caused due to various factors such as high ISO, low light conditions, long exposure, etc.

But with the latest release of the GCAM 8.7 app, noise reduction has been made easier with the introduction of Noise Model. Thanks to developer BSG for the latest GCAM 8.7.250 revision 12, it now supports Noise Model for several Android devcies.

The “Noise Model” option can be found under “Additional settings” of the module. It enabled the ability to load from a file, to use the “user noise model” all 16 fields (A, B, C, D) must be filled. The file must be in *.c format only. Download links below.

Additionally, GCAM 8.7 APK also now supports installing Config Files for various Android devices. If you don’t already know, Config Files are XML files that contain camera settings for different scenarios. These settings include exposure time, ISO, white balance, and other parameters that affect image quality.

Config files can be downloaded (links below) and applied to the GCAM app, which automatically uses these settings for the camera. This allows users to quickly switch between different configurations without having to adjust the settings manually.

The Config Files provide the appropriate camera settings for the situation, while the Noise Model reduces the noise in the image. This results in images that are sharper and have better contrast.

Plus, you get all the features from previous GCAM versions like forced ASTRO mode, Extended HDR+, Google AWB (Auto White Balance), RAW format, and more.

It also added “Hardware level” to the settings. You can now choose from a range of Pixel devices and layouts like the Pixel 7 Pro, 6, 6a, 5, 5XL, and more.

Most importantly, it supports most Android devices from OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Poco, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi Redmi, Mi, Asus, Motorola, Nokia, and more. You will find many MODS below suitable for several smartphones.

GCAM 8.7 Features

Latest GCAM 8.7.250 by BSG features the following for all supported Android devices:

  • Added “Noise Model” to the “Additional settings” of the module with the ability to load from a file (the file must be *.c), to use the “user noise model” all 16 fields (A, B, C, D) must be filled.
  • Added “Skip metadata check” to the “Additional settings” of the module.
  • Added “disable_pixel_device_detect” item to “Developer Settings”
  • Found errors in the work of the modification have been fixed.
  • Fixed work on some devices.

Google Camera 8.7 camera app screenshots:

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Download GCAM 8.7.250 APK V12

Here, download the latest GCAM 8.7 port from BSG for all Android devices featuring Config File support and Noise Model for noise reduction in photos. Also, download config files and Noise Model files from below. Supported smartphones include Android 13, 12, 11, or even older OS versions.

You may need to try multiple versions.

1. Snapdragon devices: org.codeaurora.snapcam
2. For Samsung:
3. All other phones:

APK Download

Full downloads repository

Download Noise Model for all Android phones

Noise is any unwanted variation or distortion in the image that reduces its clarity and detail. The Noise Model allows users to reduce noise in their photos by applying the appropriate noise-reduction techniques. Download the Noise Modes for various Android phones below.

Config Files for GCAM 8.7

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