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Google released Android 13 beta at the 2022 developer conference event called I/O 2022. The tech firm has an active Android 13 Beta program ongoing for the Pixel smartphones. Many third-party smartphone makers, including OnePlus, released Android 13 developer previews right after the IO 2022 event concluded.

As for the OnePlus device, it was just the Android 13 Developer Previews. Meaning, it did not come with the Oxygen OS 13 skin.

Just last week, OnePlus released Color OS 13 based on Android 13 for the Chinese variant of OnePlus 10 Pro. Here is the first Oxygen OS 13 firmware update for the global or international variants via Open Beta program.

As for the features, Android 13’s primary focus is on creating a safer environment for the users. You now get more controls and options for “privacy and security.”

Android 13 comes with, but is not limited to, the following features:

  • More Customization with the new Material You design
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Improved Copy and Paste
  • Fewer Notifications
  • Better Tablet Support
  • Quick QR Code Scanner
  • Improved Media Player
  • Smart-Home Controls on the Lock Screen
  • Double Tap for Flashlight
  • Bluetooth LE Audio Support
  • Encrypted Group Chats
  • Different Languages for Apps
  • The New Google Wallet

OnePlus releases Oxygen OS 13

After the OnePlus and Oppo merger, the firm removed Hydrogen OS and replaced it with their proprietary software called Color OS. However, that’s only for the Chinese OnePlus variants. As for the global variants, they will keep on receiving Oxygen OS 13; at least for now.

Today, OnePlus released Oxygen OS 13 firmware update for the OnePlus 10 Pro global variants with the first open beta program.

At the recent OnePlus 10T 5G launch event, OnePlus unveiled Oxygen OS 13. The firm seems to has completely revamped the user interface with some colorful new design.

You can check it out yourself from the video below:

YouTube video

List of OnePlus devices that will receive Android 13-based OxygenOS 13

The following devices will first receive Oxygen OS 13 or Color OS 13 (for Chinese variants) first:

  • OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro
  • OnePlus 8T
  • OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro
  • OnePlus 9R
  • OnePlus 9RT
  • OnePlus 10 Pro
  • OnePlus 10R
  • OnePlus 10T

Followed by the mid-range and budget Nord devices in the upcoming months:

  • OnePlus Nord 2
  • OnePlus Nord 2T
  • OnePlus Nord CE
  • OnePlus Nord CE 2
  • OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite

Oxygen OS 13 Features & Changelog

The following changelog comes from OxygenOS 13 open beta program for OnePlus 10 Pro released today.


  • Upgrades to Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, with a new behavior recognition feature, which recognizes complex gestures and provides optimized interactions.
  • Applies real-world physical motions to animations to make them look more natural and intuitive.
  • Optimizes fonts for better readability.
  • Enriches and optimizes illustrations for features by incorporating multicultural and inclusive elements.


  • Adds large folders to the Home screen. You can now open an app in an enlarged folder with just one tap and turn pages in the folder with a swipe.
  • Adds media playback control, and optimizes the Quick Settings experience.
  • Adds more markup tools for screenshot editing.
  • Optimizes Shelf. Swiping down on the Home screen will bring up the Shelf by default.

【Seamless interconnection】

  • Optimizes earphone connectivity to deliver a more seamless experience. 


  • Optimizes Bitmoji to offer more Always-On Display animations.
  • Optimizes Insight Always-On Display, with more personalized Always-On Display settings available.
  • Optimizes Canvas Always-On Display, with more drawing tools and line colors available.

【Security & Privacy】

  • Adds an automatic pixelation feature for chat screenshots. The system can identify and automatically pixelate profile pictures and display names in a chat screenshot to protect your privacy.
  • Adds regular clearing of clipboard data for privacy protection.
  • Optimizes Private Safe. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used to encrypt all files for enhanced security of private files.

【Health & Digital wellbeing】

  • Adds Kid Space, providing screen time limit, ambient light reminders, and Eye-protecting display features.

【Performance optimization】

  • Optimizes Dolby Sound effects with enhanced spatial sound field perception and more accurate sound sourcing.

【Gaming experience】

  • Upgrades to HyperBoost GPA 4.0 to stabilize the frame rate and balance the performance and power consumption in key scenarios.

Known Issues

  • There is no response when clicking Capture Log after switching Multiple users/System Cloner/Languages. (You need to switch Multiple users/System Cloner/Languages first before capturing the log in the feedback tool).
  • A dot will display abnormally when pairing Bluetooth.
  • The photos might be blurred when taking multiple pictures of people with Ultra Dark mode and zoom out at the same time.
  • The screen will freeze when taking videos in specific scenarios.
  • The pictures might not be saved when taking photos of people by zooming out 3.3x.
  • There will be a black screen when the camera freezes.
  • The videos might show in green when shot in FILM mode.
  • The pictures might be black when taking photos in the dark with Night Mode.

Download OxygenOS 13 for OnePlus 10 and 10 Pro

Here, download the first Oxygen OS 13 firmware based on Android 13 for OnePlus 10 and 10 Pro.

Please note:

  1. In order to upgrade to this build successfully, be sure that your device is in the latest OxygenOS 12 version (A.15).
  2. These instructions are only for the OnePlus 10 Pro. Please make sure the battery level is above 30% and a minimum of 4GB of storage space is available.
  3. Carrier version devices (TMO) aren’t compatible with the Open beta builds.
  • MP version – Stable Official version
  • DP version – Developer Preview version
  • OBT Version – Open Beta version

Oxygen OS 13 beta for OnePlus 10 Pro Full ZIP

Downgrade package for OnePlus 10 series

 Download the Rollback package from the links below:

Here are the latest packages of OxygenOS 12 to help you restore the lost applications after rollback to Android 12: 

Use the same method for upgrade and downgrade.

MP and OBT to DP upgrade guide—via Local OTA Update (EU&IN ONLY)

Note: This upgrade/downgrade method only works for IN and EU versions, NA users please refer to the specific upgrade guide below. This upgrade method will erase all the contents of the phone, please be sure to backup first.

  1. Download the latest ROM upgrade/downgrade zip package from the specified server.
  2. Copy the ROM upgrade package to the phone storage.
  3. Go to Settings -> About device -> Version -> Click Build number 7 times and enter the password, now you are in the developer mode.
  4. Go to Settings -> System -> System Updates -> Click top right icon -> Local upgrade -> Click on the corresponding installation package -> Upgrade -> System upgrade completed to 100%.
  5. After the upgrade is complete, click Restart.
  6. Update successful.

MP and OBT to DP upgrade guide—via Local OTA Update (NA ONLY)

Note: This upgrade method only works for NA version. IN and EU users please refer to the upgrade guide above. This upgrade method will erase all the contents of the phone, please be sure to backup first.

  1. Download the latest ROM upgrade/downgrade zip package from the specified server.
  2. Copy the Upgrade package to the phone storage.
  3. Install this APK. You’ll need it to update.
  4. Launch the app -> tap the top-right gear icon -> find the upgrade package and tap it -> wait to finish the installation -> tap reboot
  5. After the upgrade is complete, click Restart.
  6. Update successful.

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