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WhatsApp has become the biggest messaging platform in the world with over 5 Billion downloads on Play Store alone. The messenger is growing and constantly adding useful features. One of the most sought-after features is the ability to transfer data between smartphones, especially from Android to iOS. After a long time, Facebook has finally pushed the support to transfer data from Android to iOS. However, it comes as a beta feature. Here, download the latest WhatsApp APK v2.22.14.5 beta to transfer data from Android to iPhone. We also have a tutorial on how to do so.

Previously, users could only transfer chat from iPhone to Android. WhatsApp is now allowing users to transfer their conversation history from Android to iPhone. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in a Facebook post, introduced the new feature.

Note that this feature is only available via Apple’s existing Move to iOS app available on the Play Store. Also, it only works on new or factory reset iPhones. The Move to iOS app already helps move contacts, calendar entries, SMS messages, and more.

However, we also have an easier way if you don’t want to factory reset or have an already existing WhatsApp account. The second tutorial will help you transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS and iOS to Android.

The latest stable WhatsApp v2.22.14.3/5 beta APK supports this feature. See tutorials below.

Download Latest WhatsApp APK (Beta)

The WhatsApp Multi-Device support is available via the latest Beta Channel. So download the latest WhatsApp Messenger beta or newer APK from below or enroll into the beta program from the following link.

WhatsApp beta downloads:

How to Transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone?

  • Download and install the latest WhatsApp beta from above.
  • Launch the Move to iOS app on your Android.
  • Select the “Move Data from Android” option during iPhone setup
  • Follow the procedures in the Android app.
  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and sign in using the same phone number you used to set up the Android.
  • Your previous Android chat history should now be visible.

Don’t worry, the WhatsApp data storage won’t count against your Google Drive storage.

Easiest way to transfer data between smartphones (Android -> iOS) (iOS -> Android)

  • Launch WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings”
  • Go to “Chats”
  • Select “Chat backup”
  • Backup data to your Google Drive account.
  • Select everything that’s necessary including chats and media.
  • Once the backup completes, launch WhatsApp on your iPhone
  • Open WhatsApp and sign in using the same phone number you used to set up your Android device.
  • The app should ask you to restore data from your backup.
  • If not, go to Settings > Chat > Chat backup and restore all data.
  • You may need to sign into the Google assount associated with your WhatsApp.

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    I couldn’t do the procedure without having to put the iphone in factory mode. I downloaded whatsapp beta, made the backup on android, but when informing the same number in whatsapp on iphone, there is no option to restore the backup

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