Google Assistant APK Download for Galaxy Watch 4 and all Wear OS devices

Google Assistant has become a full-fledged personal assistant for Android in the past few years. It is now available for smartphones, tablets, and, most recently, Wear OS devices. Samsung debuted the Galaxy Watch 4 with only Bixby’ the electronics giant’s proprietary personal assistant. Users of the Galaxy Watch 4 have eagerly been waiting for the Google Assistant integration ever since the announcement. Today, Samsung finally pushed the Google Assistant update for all of its wearable devices including the Galaxy Watch 4.

Back in February, Google officially announced that Google Assistant will come to the Galaxy Watch 4. Today, the update finally arrived.

The latest Google Assistant update features a new design that’s inspired by the Pixel phone. When you say “Hey Google,” a fullscreen UI with a black backdrop and a four-color light bar at the bottom responds to voice input appears.

While the time seems curved at the top, the Assistant logo displays momentarily with a “Hi, how may I help?” prompt. In addition, the search results UI has been updated, with background blur used throughout.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Official Google Assistant Features

In a recent press release, Samsung officially stated “Galaxy Watch4 Users Can Enjoy Google Assistant Starting Today.” Further stating:

Samsung Electronics and Google jointly built a unified Wear OS platform that creates a seamless connection across Android devices. The platform comes with Google Play, which gives users access to some of the most popular apps and services from Google, including Google Maps, Google Pay, and YouTube Music.

Starting today, Galaxy Watch4 users will also be able to download Google Assistant on their devices gaining access to fast, more natural voice interactions, quick answers to questions and on-the-go help. With access to both Bixby and Google Assistant, consumers will have access to more advanced voice assistant functionality right from their wrists.

Google also claims “faster than ever reaction times” as compared to what was previously available on Wear OS 2. Voice transcription looks to be processed on-device and displays almost instantly, based on our little experience today.

Actions available include:

  • Manage your time, “start a timer”, “set an alarm”, “set reminders”
  • Keep in touch with family and friends, “start a call”, “send a message”
  • Control your smart home, “turn on bedroom light”
  • Get your questions answered, “where is the nearest coffee shop?”, “how’s the weather today?”

Here is a short trailer of the new features on the Galaxy Watch 4:

YouTube video

Unfortunately, the Google Assistant update is only available in select countries including the United States, India, Canada, and some parts of Europe.

The good news is we have the latest Google Assistant APK available for download.

How to download Google Assistant on your Wear OS device? – Galaxy Watch 4

If you have the Galaxy Watch 4 and haven’t received the Google Assistant update, here is how to download the Assistant officially from within your device settings.

If you’re getting stuck in the setup because “Your region’s language is not yet supported on Galaxy Watch 4”, don’t worry, that’s Google’s language lock, not the region.

You need to change your Assistant’s language (not phone).

Go to Settings > Google > Settings for Google apps > Serach, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant > Language and select the current language to change it instead of adding a new one. Select your desired supported language.

Google Assistant Play Store Download Link for Wear OS

Alternatively, download the Google Assistant from Play Store. Visit the following link from your smartphone or Wear OS device.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

APK Download

If none of the above methods work, just download the APK from below.

Install the APK using one of the apps Wear Installer, Easy Fire Tools, or BugJaeger.

How to set Google Assistant as default?

  1. Go to Google Play on your watch.
  2. Update or install Assistant. You may also uninstall and reinstall it for bugfix.
  3. Launch the Assistant and let it go through a setup.
  4. On your watch under Settings and Default Apps, select Assistant.
  5. Under Settings, Advanced, and button mappings, change the Bixby shortcut to Assistant.

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