How To Fix Google Keeps Stopping Error?

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Gogole Stopped Working Bug Fix

There is a critical Google error hitting Android devices globally where it repeatedly displays this error – “Google Keeps Stopping”. Apparently, there was a bad update Google rolled out publicly which is crashing many Android devices across the globally. Here is how to fix the Google keeps stopping bug.

While the main Google app seems to be the most probable suspect for this bug, there are reports by some users that it could also be one of these apps – Google Play Services, Play Store, or the Google App. We have also seen a similar bug originated due to a buggy Android System Webview update passed onto several devices in the past.

Here is a simple tutorial which will temporarily fix the error message to display so you could run your Android device normally.

Google Keeps Stopping Bug Fix Tutorial

Uninstalling updates for one of the following apps should get rid of the bug. You can just try uninstalling updates for “Google” app which helped many users. If that does not, go ahead with all the apps listed in the tutorial below.

  1. Go to Android Settings > Apps.
  2. Enable System Apps from the top right corner 3 vertical dots.
  3. Clear cache & data for Google (and uninstall updates)
  4. Clear cache & data for Android System Webview (and uninstall updates)
  5. Clear cache & data for Google Play Services (and uninstall updates)
  6. Clear cache & data for Google Play Store (and uninstall updates)

Alternatively, you can sign up to become a beta tester for the above apps. You can later update to the latest versions when Google pushes a HotFix for the bug.

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