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Samsung’s Galaxy Labs suite is a new set of apps, similar to Good lock, which include system optimization, storage cleaner, memory cleaner, app booster, and much more. Galaxy Labs, which just an update to v2.0, addressed issues like excessive battery drain, storage, system crash, lag issue while gaming, etc. This is especially helpful for Samsung Galaxy phones with Exynos processors; as the battery drain worse on it as compared to its Snapdragon counterparts.

Samsung just recently updated Galaxy Labs to v2.0 in support of One UI 3.0/3.1 based on Android 11. The latest update brings two new modules like Thermal Guardian, Memory Guardian and also brought a crucial upgrade to App Booster; which optimized the Google Play Services for better.

Here, download and install latest Galaxy Labs 2.0 and all the new modules or plugins including File Guardian, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, App Booster, Thermal Guardian, and Memory Guardian. You can read all about the former guardian apps from our previous post about Galaxy Labs 1.0.

As for the Thermal guardian, this will tell you the real-time temperature of your Samsung Galaxy device. It will help you check your device’s temperature at any given time. Thermal Guardian also help you find the cause of high temperature usage. Memory Guardian will free up space by removing cache files. It will also help free up RAM usage.

What’s new with Galaxy Labs 2.0?

- Battery Tracker adds average battery usage and screen ON lines for 7days screen
- Battery Guardian adds more features to extend battery life: screen power saving, power saving during bed time, optimize settings that use a lot of battery power and more... from OneUI3.0.
- Thermal Guardian and Memory Guardian are added from OneUI3.0, it also depends on models.
- File Guardian will end the service sequentially due to the expanded trash function of Samsung apps - not supported from new models from OneUI3.0.

Battery Tacker tracks which apps using your phone’s battery excessively and presents you with a detailed report. You can get reports either for the last 24 hours or 7 days according to the usage pattern. With the new update, it displays your screen-on time, just like the 24-hour chart.

Battery Guardian helps prevent battery drains by optimizing apps. In the latest update, it gets several new features like screen power saving enabled on a per-app basis and will dim the display quickly when you aren’t using the phone.

Power save will restrict performance while you are asleep, limiting background activity and CPU usage to make your battery healthy.

Galaxy App Booster gets a crucial update which will help optimize apps for better performance and stability. This is especially useful if you have a battery drain issue.

File Guardian adds a recycle bin to the file manager. It also adds new functionality to the Samsung Galley app. See the screenshot below.

galaxy labs adds new features to gallery app

Thermal Guardian

This module will make your device cool as this comes with some features to make it happen. It helps you to adjust the threshold of your device performance. It comes with a thermal threshold slider, which lets you adjust when the phone starters to throttle performance. If you move the slider to the far left, the phone will inform, 2 degrees before it usually does. Moving the slider to the right will raise that threshold by 2 degrees. 

You can also see why your phone is getting warm by tapping on the indicated points on the temperature chart. There are lots of reasons why your phone is getting warm, it can be by charging on a mattress or apps running in the background. 

Memory Guardian

Memory guardian is a brand-new module that allows you to see what tasks are currently demanding your phone’s RAM. It also helps to clear application out of the memory. 

The module includes an analysis of how your phone’s RAM is divided up by the system, which apps are running, and cached processes. From there, you can see a chart of historic usage and also clear applications out of memory.

This is one of the largest updates to the “Galaxy Labs” app since the 2019 release and these new features will certainly be very useful for the device.

Download Galaxy Labs 2.0

Samsung updated Galaxy Labs v2.0 in support of One UI 3.0 based on Android 11. APK Download latest Galaxy Labs 2.0 with new modules like Thermal Guardian, Memory Guardian, App Booster.

To download this app you must have a Samsung device running android pie or above.

  1. Open Galaxy store app on your Samsung device.
  2. Search for Galaxy labs. Click on Download.

However, Galaxy Labs is only available in select regions like North America (USA and Canada), Europe (Germany, UK), and Asia (India). So if Galaxy Labs is not available in your region, we have included the APK download to sideload it onto your device.

Thanks to Sammobile and APKMirror for the download links.

Galaxy Labs 2.0 Modules:

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