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Samsung is currently busy rolling out the latest One UI 3 firmware update based on Android 11 for all of its latest smartphones starting with the S-series. According to the official update roadmap, put up by the manufacturer in Samsung members app, the Android 11 rollout for Galaxy S20 series, Note 20 series, Fold 2, and Galaxy Tab S7 series is already complete. However, if your phone haven’t received it yet, here is a simple trick to force update your device by changing the network carrier.

In this tutorial, we are going to change the network carrier to something other than the one your phone is currently on. So if its a factory unlocked on T-Mobile and didn’t receive any update you can change the network carrier (temporarily) to Verizon and update your phone. Then go back to T-Mobile network.

Note: This has been tested working on several T-Mobile carrier locked and factory unlocked Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 series. You will also need WiFi connectivity in order to download the update.

Method #1: Force update your factory unlocked phone on T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T

  • Pull out the SIM card tray from your phone.
  • Switch on WiFi and connect to a WiFi network. Data Warning! May need over 2GB.
  • Note down your IMEI number from Settings > About Phone. Or dial *#06# using a dialer app.
  • Open dialer.
  • Dial the code *#272*IMEI# Replace “IMEI” with your phone’s IMEI
  • Choose the carrier code for Verizon (VZW) or AT&T (ATT), depending on which one has pushed the update.
  • Hit install.
  • Select “Sales&Network Code Change”.
  • Your phone will reboot.
  • Now, go to settings > system updates > and check for OTA updates manually.

Your phone should now download the latest One UI OA updates. Install the update, put your SIM card back in. Your phone will reconfigure itself.

Method #2: Force update carrier locked phone

Alternatively, you can get an actual T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T SIM laying around, insert it into your phone, and check for OTA updates from settings. You may also need to change network using the method above, or restart your phones for settings to apply.

Note that if you are on T-Mobile, choose a different SIM like Verizon or AT&T.

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