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Android 12

Here we have our hands on some early Android 12 screenshots, images, and features. A new Android version is deployed every year and in 2021 we will see v12. Google is about to release the first instance of the upcoming Android 12 via developer preview. Apparently, the latest OS update is already available and some anonymous tipster released the Android 12 screenshots.

While we don’t know much about the upcoming features in Android 12, we do have our hands on the leaked screenshots from which gives us a glimpse of the user interface, features, and functionalities.

Android 12 has adopted a beige color scheme this time around with rounded corners, and much white space separating the elements. Plus, the number of quick tiles have been reduced to four.

Android 12 screenshots by androidsage.com

Android 12 has also enhanced privacy by adopting new new privacy indicators — similar to Apple iOS 14. With the privacy indicators, you will be notified when an app is using camera, location, mic, etc. in real time.

Android 12 screenshots by androidsage.com 2

The privacy indicators will be present in the status bar and be shown at all times even on the home screen. As you can see, the status bar icons are now darker and also changed the position of time and date. The homescreen remains pretty much the same, as compare to Android 11.

Android 12 screenshots by androidsage.com 3

Moreover, you can easily get control over the privacy and disable camera, location, microphone, and location at all times. Here is the Google camera interface.

Android 12 screenshots by androidsage.com 4

Furthermore, Android 12 brings you new conversation widgets on home screen, notification panel, and even a separate conversations window.

Android 12 screenshots by androidsage.com 5

Download Android 12 Wallpapers

While we wait for Android 12, here are a total of 8 high resolution wallpapers for download.

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