Download PUBG Mobile 1.2.4 Beta for Android and iOS devices

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PUBG Mobile 1.2 matrix event

PUBG Mobile is currently running on the latest version 1.1. It features new maps like Erangle 2.0, Payload 2.0, and Livik map into the stable channel. While the PUBGM stable channel is on Royale Pass 16, the company is looking forward to beta testing the next Royale Pass Season 17; which will release in January 2021. PUBG Corp has plans for the upcoming PUBG Mobile 1.2 global stable update. You can join the beta program and test all the upcoming features before anyone else. Also get rewarded for the same.

The third stage of PUBG MOBILE beta version 1.2 is now rolling out. This time the company is accepting up to 20,000 beta testers. The new beta update features Runic Power Theme Gameplay and the Power Armor. Checkout all the details about the PUBG Mobile 1.2 in the following section.

What’s new with PUBG Mobile Beta 1.2.4?

1. Runic Power Theme Gameplay

Runes from another world have brought three special powers with them. Choose a power that suits you, collect scattered crystals, and release their power to help you become the final winner on the battlefield. Select Erangel at the entrance to enter this exclusive map gameplay.

2. Power Armor

A new high-tech Powered Exoskeleton has been created on Erangel and Livik. Players can create the Powered Exoskeleton by bringing Nano Crystals and an Exoskeleton Blueprint to the Matrix Base. Players will also have 2 additional chances to respawn themselves, or their teammates, during a match. Multiple Matrix Events will be available for players to participate in.

PUBG Mobile matrix event
PUBG Mobile matrix event

Download PUBG Mobile 1.2.4 APK and OBB

Furthermore, PUBG also introduced a new Test Server section inside the game, wherein you can direct enroll as a beta tester from the global version itself. In order to become a beta tester, go to the global version’s Events section and open the Test Server category within the Recommended events. Save the link code, as you will be required to put it in the beta. Do not share the code to anyone.

This is the quickest way to join the Test servers. Alternatively, you can also download the PUBG Mobile 1.2 beta APK for Android or PUBG Mobile beta link for Apple iOS devices from below separately.

Download instructions: While you can still download the game safely from the Play Store listing directly from Google servers globally including North America, Europe, and rest of Asia, the listing may not show for Indian users. So you can download the APK and OBB from below for offline downloads.

APK download for Android

There are two version of the beta. One for x32 devices and one for x64. For most Android devices, x64 should work.

Downloads for Apple iPhones and iPads

Installation instructions for iPhones and iPads:

how to install pubg mobile on Apple ios devices


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