YouTube app in India has been locked at 480p ever since the pandemic. The reason behind this being to save bandwidth and server load as users are consuming more online content during lockdown. Note that this is only for the official YouTube mobile app and not the desktop. Desktop users can still watch videos in Full HD or 4K, whichever is available. While the change was also coming to other countries like the United States, turns out India was the only one affected. However, the lock has been lifted now and you can now start streaming YouTube videos on India in Full HD or even 4K whichever is available for the video.

After almost 3 months of resolution lock, the resolution can now be changed to 1080p or higher. However, the videos will still play at 480p. You will just have the option to change it to full HD or higher resolution. So for the unawares, manually change YouTube app resolution from 480p to higher resolution.

So if your YouTube app still plays videos at 480p, you may want to change it to 1080p or 4K by tapping the three vertical dots at the top right corner and selecting the quality option while playing a video.

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You can also:

Thanks to user __Rahul__ for the screenshot.

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