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Remember the Google I/O 2018 that took place earlier this year? Well Google promised a lot of new features to their products and services. The Google Assistant and the AI were the main attraction of the I/O. Google has many plans for the Google Assistant. It has already been released globally. New features are now rolling out for the same and one of the most anticipated are the multiple Google Assistant Voices. Here in this tutorial we will show you how to change Assistant Voice.

Google Assistant’s continued conversation is the first features that came to us. Meaning, you don’t need to say OK Google every time you want to ask it. The conversation will continue back and forth. ‘Hey Google’ command lets you take a break from saying ‘OK Google’ to wake up Google Voice or Assistant. Here are the different Assistant Voices for you. You can choose from a total of 8 different voices including 3 female voices and 5 male voices. The voices can be found under Google Assistant settings with different colors. However, there are easier ways to change Assistant Voice as well. See below.

How to Change Assistant Voice to Male or Female?

There are 2 methods to do it. This will also help you change voice of Google Home, and Assistant on Android phones, Chrome books, and smart displays.

Method 1: This by far the easiest method to change Assistant Voice. Simply Launch the Google Assistant by long pressing the home button. Or launch the Google Assistant App.

Command “Change Voice”. The Assistant will automatically change the voice and ask you to confirm. You can repeat this until you get the right voice.

How to Change Assistant Voice

Method 2: In case you want to go through all the voices available, then the options are found under Settings.

  • Go to Google Settings. Launch Google App > settings.
  • At the top go to Google Assistant Settings > Preferences > Assistant Voice.
  • Choose any color.

How to Change Assistant Voice method 2

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