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Google Camera HDR+ Now Available for Samsung Smartphones [APK Download]

With the range of usability that a smartphone provides, there is always a lot of scope for all of its features. A camera is such a feature that is used by a lot of people. Recently Google Pixel 2 was released. Its camera has been a highlighted feature. It brings the new concepts of Motion photos and face retouch etc. Now, these were some bonus features along with other important features. Since its release, it is being widely researched upon by developers how it could be made available for other major devices. Well, thanx to the developer omar9x now Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung devices is now available for download. As of now, it works on all the major flagship Samsung devices such as Galaxy S6/S7/S8 etc.

With Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung devices, you can shoot pictures in HDR+ mode. It is a big upgrade compared to the stock camera App of Samsung. We have provided the download link for you so you can have the Google Camera App on your Samsung devices. We have also tried to compare the photos clicked on both Samsung’s stock camera App and Google Camera App with HDR+.

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Google Camera HDR+ vs Samsung Stock Camera App

Let’s compare how the output in both Google Camera HDR+for Samsung devices and stock camera App looks.

Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung devices
Shot on Google Camera HDR+
Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung devices
Shot on Samsung Stock Camera App
Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung devices
Pic shot on Samsung Stock Camera
Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung devices
Photo shot on Google Camera HDR+

So, you can very well see for yourself, how much difference the HDR+ brings to the photos.

Download APK: Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung Devices

Here, we are providing the direct download link for you. So, grab the APK and install Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung devices you have.

Google Camera HDR+ for Samsung | Download | APK Download

Therefore, if you’re on a Samsung device, do grab the Google Camera HDR+. It will bring a huge difference in your photographic experience. With HDR+ you will be way ahead in the photo game of your Samsung device. So, get Google Camera HDR+and let us know your experience.


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