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What makes Android truly amazing is its ability to incorporate new features in its native libraries, providing its users with unprecedented access to a number of features and options which you will not find on any other OS. Although even with the recent additions in Android O what Android really lacks is a native mode of wireless file transfer across Operating Systems. Fortunately, Google has launched a new app called Android Samba Client which manages to tackle these specific issues.

For those not in the known, Samba is a program made specifically to run on different operating systems. Samba uses the SMB/CIFS protocol to let you access Windows file and print services. Samba eases the process of cross-platform file transfers and offers a simplistic, stable and effective solution.

The app by Google, as of now, has a simplistic UI with an elementary working method. All one needs to do is to enter the client you wish to connect to and input your username and password. Tapping on the Mount button enables a GUI that lets you transfer files across the connected devices seamlessly. The app is under GNU public license and hence is completely open source. The complete code of the app can be found on Github.

Users interested in trying out the app can download it from the Google Play Store



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