download official Oxygen OS 3.2.6 for OnePlus 3 OTA and Full ROM zip

It’s been long that the OnePlus devices received any Oxygen OS love. If we remember correctly, the last update was last month with a newer, but not quite stable, Oxygen OS 3.2.4. The major Chines smartphone manufacturer has now released a new incremental update for the OnePlus 3 with Oxygen OS 3.2.6. The OTA update brings a bunch of bug fixes, optimization, and performance improvements. Major important improvements come to the radio, battery, and the camera. The manufacturer has also released a community build for the same with OOS 3.5.2 and later. UPDATE: A OnePlus 3 HotFix update version Oxygen OS 3.2.7 is now rolling out with some critical issues/bugs related to game lagging and  ringtone alert bugs. Full changelog below. This is a 6 MB update over the Oxygen OS 3.2.76 that was released last week.

According to the changelog, the update brings call quality optimization. It also improves the camera quality by optimizing the white balance and improving the 1080p video recording quality. Moreover, other bugs with adaptive brightness, battery consumption, and Bluetooth have been fixed as demanded by users. You can see the full changelog from below.



What’s new with Oxygen OS 3.2.7?

Update to 3.2.7 Hotfix

  • Fixed ringtone issues related to alert slider
  • Fixed lagging under some gaming circumstances.

Changelog for Oxygen OS v3.2.6 for OnePlus 3?

OTA update highlights:

  • Optimized voice call quality of some IM applications.
  • Improved adaptive brightness performance
  • Improved camera quality
    • Fixed occasional green/yellow issue
    • Optimized white balance
    • Improved 1080p video recording
  • Addressed some bluetooth connection problems for vehicles
  • Allows third party application to modify ringtone
  • Optimized battery consumption when scrolling
  • Optimized touch accuracy when playing games
  • Added DozeMode switch in Developer options
  • Added PocketMode switch in Display settings

Known issues with OOS 2.2.6:

Though this is a major update to the OnePlus 3, there are still some known issues with the update. Rolling back to the official OOS 3.2.6 update from the community build would require you to perform a clean flash. Moreover, rooted users or users running a custom recovery may face issues while updating. Hence, you will need to unroot the device and use the official stock recovery.

However, if you are already on the stock official Oxygen OS firmware, then head over to teh download section from below and install it right away.

Oxygen OS 3.2.6 screenshots

Download Oxygen OS 3.2.7 & 3.2.6 OTA and Full ROM

OTA Update

Note: The OTA has been captured by OnePlus 3 users. The official OTA link is not yet available. However, the link above will work just fine. Moreover, you may want to visit the official OnePlus 3 OTA download page.

Oxygen OS Signed Full Firmware File (Full ROM zip file)

  • Oxygen OS 3.2.6 Full Firmware file→ Direct Download | File: (1.26 GB)
  • Previous Oxygen OS 3.2.2 → Download link | OTA and Full Firmware

How to Update OnePlus 3 to Oxygen OS 3.2.7 & 3.2.6 via Stock and TWRP Recovery or adb sideload?

The following tutorial will not only get the latest Oxygen OS onto your brand new OnePlus 3 from the previous OOS 3.2.6 but also enable you to flash it from any OOS version. There are basically 2 methods to install the ROM. One is via stock recovery or ADB sideload (OTA update) and the other is via TWRP recovery (flashable full firmware file). The methods are listed below and will direct you to the exact tutorial.

Non-Rooted devices: use OTA update and flash via stock recovery or adb sideload

Simply grab the OTA and manually flash it using stock recovery. Transfer OTA to internal storage. Boot into stock recovery and hit “apply updates from storage”. Select the OTA and profit. For a detailed tutorial on using stock recovery, head over to this tutorial: How to Install Oxygen OS OTA Update on OnePlus devices with Stock Recovery. (Method one there.) This method may not work with every OnePlus device.

Secondly, if the above method fails then you have the option to flash the OTA using ADB sideload method. This is the manual method for installing the OTA zip file on most of the Android devices. For this method to work, you need to setup ADB and fastboot environment on your PC, connect your device via USB, and enter “adb sideload <filename>.zip” command via terminal or command prompt.  To install OTA update via ADB sideload, download the file from above and head over to this tutorial for detailed steps: How to install OTA updates on Android device using ADB sideload method?

Rooted devices: use full ROM zip file and flash via TWRP recovery

For those of you who have rooted and set up a custom TWRP recovery onto their OnPlus 3 device, can manually flash the Oxygen OS 3.2.6 flashable zip file. You can proceed with dirty flash, meaning, without wiping data, cache, etc. Simply boot into TWRP recovery and flash the latest full signed flashable zip by tapping the install button. To root the newest Oxygen OS 3.2.6, flash the latest stable SuperSU 2.78 on Marshmallow. For a full TWRP tutorial head over to this page: How to flash Oxygen OS update signed zip file using TWRP?

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