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Should You really Update the VoLTE OTA on YU Yuphoria?

YU recently released the VoLTE [Voice Over LTE Integrated] OTA update over the air and users are facing many issues with it. The major ones are the Camera no more recording videos and instability while playing YouTube videos or videos in general. Even though it is a major update that weighs about 262 MBs, it is full of bugs. Running Cyanogen OS, these bugs were not supposed to exist as the Cyanogen community is through with testing.

Now that the update is rolling out, should you really update it?

Here is the list of some of many bugs that come with the VoLTE OTA:

-Can’t record video
-YouTube video bugs
-Can’t play any video files using MX Player
-Many bugs in the Dialer app
-While receiving calls, notification remains idle
-While call ends, the call screen remains idle [need to press home button to get out]
-Videos won’t plays in Facebook and more.

What are your options? 

Well firstly, if you have not already updated, then you should wait until the next update pops up. However, if you have already updated, then can either wait for YU to release another update that would fix the bugs or you can revert back to the previous build by flashing the factory image. Hope YU is already working on the update and if that is true, then you may expect the update soon. Most likely this month or the next.

How to revert back to the previous build?

First, download the Cyanogen OS 12.1 Factory Image for your device.

Download Cyanogen OS 12.1 Factory Images for YU Devies

Follow the tutorial below.

How to Flash Factory Images On Android Devices


  1. Hi I am unable to do OTA Update because I have rooted my Yuphoria and also installed twrp recovery, so can you please send me link to download that file because i want to flash it manually.

        1. Yes. It does. If you install it via TWRP, you won’t receive OTA. You will have to download the full zip file again from the source and flash it. To receive OTA and apply automatically, you must restore to stock.

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