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Flutter has been making headlines for a while now. Many businesses are considering hiring Flutter experts to help them with their ongoing or future projects. Hence, it’s important to be aware of the going rate for Flutter developers. The following article will discuss senior Flutter developer salary, the average salary of Flutter developer, and the process of hiring a good Flutter developer for your project.

Insights Into Flutter Developer Demand

There is a high need for developers skilled in Flutter because it is the most popular cross-platform framework. The flexibility of Flutter is the main reason behind its rising popularity; the framework enables organizations to simultaneously launch for numerous platforms and swiftly validate product ideas with pixel-perfect Flutter apps. There is only one set of code to handle across all platforms, so it is much easier to manage a single team using cross-platform tools.

However, qualified Flutter developers with prior experience developing native apps are in short supply due to the strong demand. 

Who Are Flutter Developers and Why Do You Need Them

Flutter developers are software engineers who design mobile applications utilizing the Flutter framework. Google’s Flutter is an open-source framework for creating natively built apps for many platforms (including mobile, web, and desktop), all from a single set of source code.

In addition to their expertise with Flutter and Dart, developers for this framework also have extensive experience creating mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. They’re pros in creating and releasing sleek, quick, and functional mobile apps.

You need a Flutter developer if you want to create high-quality, cross-platform software that can be used by your company regardless of the device or operating system it was built on. Developers skilled in Flutter can assist in the creation of mobile apps that meet your needs in terms of responsiveness, scalability, and maintenance simplicity. Because Flutter’s hot reload functionality displays changes to code in real-time, developers can help you reduce development time and costs.

Things To Consider When Hiring Flutter Developers

Native Development Experience

Without experience in native mobile app development, developers often have knowledge gaps that slow problem-solving. This can increase expenses and uncertainty if the developer’s chosen solution is the best option.

Cross-Platform Development Experience

Finding a developer with experience in both iOS and Android is ideal for small projects with a single developer. With this strategy, you can confidently deploy your product on two platforms, knowing that the developer thoroughly understands both requirements.

Drive to Learn

Since Flutter is an ever-evolving technology, staying updated on the latest developments and updates is essential for selecting the most appropriate approaches for every scenario. The enthusiasm and interest of developers in your project’s technology should be an element you consider. 

Finding Flutter Developers

You can find firms that specialize in developing Flutter apps just about anywhere. The best places to look for skilled workers are:

Freelance Platforms

Hiring Flutter app developers through a freelance platform is a good idea for small projects when you already know what features you want and how they should look. The project can be completed quickly and accurately by a skilled Flutter freelancer.

To find freelancers, you can visit websites like:

  • Upwork
  • Hub staff Talent
  • Fiverr


Hiring a freelancer is the most cost-effective solution because there is no need for a project manager, user experience designer, or tester. Businesses can also use Upwork to engage agencies, wherein independent contractors under the agency’s employ complete various tasks for the business.


Because a single freelancer is working on your project, you must account for their probable absence due to holidays, illness, or other commitments. When anything unexpected comes up during that time away from the office, it can delay the release of your product or prevent the correction of bugs.

Hiring Agencies

You can contact a recruitment firm specializing in this field to locate the best Flutter developers for your team. 

Here are a few places you may get credible Flutter developers:

  • Arc
  • Flexible
  • Gun.io


Experts conduct in-depth interviews and consultations to identify candidates with the right skills and expertise to guarantee a good cultural and professional fit. You get access to professionals who have been thoroughly screened and who have extensive relevant expertise, including in project management and software development.


You can always use an agency to assemble a group of workers for you. However, doing so may be excessive and cause extra headaches regarding team management and synchronization across time zones.

Software Development Agencies

Companies specializing in software development who has worked with Flutter have likely found solutions to various issues that crop up during development.


Agencies benefit from the years of experience and senior developers on staff who can discover cost-effective solutions to any difficulties in the code.

To ensure that an app follows the best user experience practices and is focused on solving user problems, experience in mobile app development is essential due to the differences between developing and designing for mobile and other forms of software. A software company with a history of successful mobile projects has the experience necessary to create innovative products with the end user in mind.


Cooperation could be challenging if there is a cultural misalignment. This becomes more apparent when working with a software company that has a very different mentality than your own.

When starting with an agency, it can be hard to tell if they are correctly upfront about their work hours and billing.

Flutter developer salary- How Much Does It Costs

The price of hiring Flutter developers shifts based on location and the nature of the project.

Salary Based on Experience

Due to Flutter’s meteoric rise to prominence, many entry-level programmers now offer their services for the standard Flutter app developer salary. The average Flutter app developer salary entry level is:

  • United States = $73,000
  • Western Europe = $60,000
  • Ukraine = $38000

The professionals at the mid-level have worked in Android and iOS development for several years, are proficient in automated testing and utilizing various version control tools like Git or Jenkins, and can communicate freely with clients thanks to their relatively high level of English proficiency. One mid-level Flutter Dart developer salary is:

  • United States = $120,000
  • Western Europe = $106,000
  • Ukraine = $67,000

Experience optimizing apps for Material Design, Swift experience, and a firm grasp of the Android Keyboard API are also highly desirable among candidates seeking a better Flutter Dart developer salary than those without such knowledge. A senior Flutter developer salary range is:

  • United States = $153,000
  • Western Europe = $134,000
  • Ukraine = $96,000

Salary Based on Location

The average compensation of a Flutter developer is not much different from the worldwide offshore norm. The United States continues to have the highest price for specialists’ cosmic prices, over $100k, and Western Europe continues to have the highest price (over $60k). In contrast, Eastern Europe has the most reasonable price (Ukraine is the golden mean regarding quality and competition).

How to Hire the Best Flutter Developer

The Flutter developer jobs salary can differ considerably from nation to nation. A low-priced developer is a risky bet that could cost considerably more in the long run unless the developer can demonstrate sufficient experience and a compelling portfolio.

Implementing a rigorous procedure for validating prior experience can help you attract workers capable of meeting your project’s requirements. The likelihood of finding a suitable developer increases if the vetting process is accompanied by recommendations for specific Flutter developers based on specific needs.

If you’re going to undertake your evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications, here are the bare necessities for a Flutter developer salary analytics:

  1. Conversational English for Advanced Learners (B2)
  2. Competence in developing native mobile platforms (e.g., Kotlin, Swift)
  3. Ability with Dart
  4. Having experience with API integrations and alterations
  5. Familiarity with and ability to modify external libraries.

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