SpinOne As Salesforce Data Protection Platform

Businesses use Salesforce features globally, which means huge amounts of data and files are involved. It is a common belief that the latest cloud solutions are secure for businesses, but they are only safe if used appropriately. And it is up to the company to invest in Salesforce protection.

How Secure Is The Salesforce Platform

Salesforce is secure for businesses that understand all the possibilities of losing and damaging their data and incorporating the necessary security measures. It is a common misconception that Salesforce data protection is native and can prevent all kinds of intrusions. Of course, using passwords and providing access to employees only can protect the data to some extent. However, modern cloud solutions are not built to protect from violent hacker attacks and internal issues, such as accidental deletion of files. Salesforce provides basic security, but it is the company’s obligation to strengthen it.

SpinOne As Salesforce Data Protection Platform

Salesforce Data Security: How To Protect The Sensitive Data Of Your Enterprise

Data protection for Salesforce is something to be implemented early on. Even by following a few simple tips, it is possible to enhance your Salesforce safety greatly:

  • Knowing the risks – it is crucial to understand the risks and teach all employees about the ways of losing private company data. By educating the staff about various types of cyber threats and ways of dealing with spam and other potentially dangerous situations, it is possible to avoid many common mistakes when employees themselves become the reason for leaking data.
  • Incorporate two-factor authentication – all employees should use a two-factor authentication to make their login process even more secure. This type of authentication requires signing in with a strong password and then confirming the login via a phone call or message.
  • Scan for viruses – select a reliable virus scanner to keep off the majority of common viruses and secure your sales pipeline. This does not protect from cyberattacks, but many pesky viruses can be detected.

With these tips, anyone can increase the Salesforce data security and avoid some of the most common mistakes caused by human factor.

SpinOne As A Salesforce Data Protection Platform

Luckily for Salesforce users, there are convenient complex solutions for increasing the security. SpinOne is one of the platforms that offer comprehensive protection for businesses using Salesforce. 

What Is SpinOne And Why Use It?

SpinOne is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that provides a set of essential security tools for Salesforce specifically. A variety of tools for security control is gathered in one place for efficient protection of your company data.

Key Solutions for SalesForce Software

Salesforce security tools by SpinOne allow for convenient data management and implementation of security measures:

  • Backup & recovery of data – all SaaS solutions are not 100% protected from data loss. SpinOne allows performing data backups three times a day to always have fresh restoration points. In case any files become damaged or lost, it is possible to restore them fully or recover only specific ones.
  • App security – third-party apps often become the reason why many security breaches appear. With SpinOne, managers and AI can assess all incorporated applications and perform risk assessment.
  • DLP solutions – data loss prevention is a great way to protect your information. This way, you can avoid many potential threats. Shared data management and access settings help with monitoring all information circulating within the company. Quick alerts appear in case of abnormal activity with the data.


To ensure powerful Salesforce platform security, companies have to involve additional safety measures. The easiest and most efficient way to do so is to work with a dedicated platform that offers the exact safety solutions needed for Salesforce. SpinOne is a powerful platform that uses AI for ransomware detection, monitoring data in cloud storage, setting up secure access to crucial files, notifying about cyberattacks, and more. Investing in powerful protection for your company is the only way to increase efficiency and avoid massive losses.

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