How To Play PUBG Mobile on PC Without An Emulator

Online games have evolved to be one of the most playable games since the take over of the pandemic. It was apparent as well because everyone was lying free at home for a more extended period. So, they opt to start playing online games.

Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, the chill and excitement of playing a game on PC are impeccable. You may enjoy playing a game on your mobile, which itself is an excellent source of joy, but when you start playing it on PC, you will witness a whole new world of pleasure. 

Many games will excite your mood, and they have performed very well on the market as well. PUBG Mobile stands out among them in terms of gameplay, strategies, graphics, and overall interface. Comparatively, PUBG PC is a game with another level of gameplay. 

However, PUBG PC will cost you a bundle of money to buy an upgraded PC to play it. But it’s not the end. You can enjoy the experience of PUBG on your PC without any expensive upgrades using the method we have disclosed below. 

Moreover, if you lack a PC and are just starting, you can order one online and track your order through speedpak to ensure safe delivery. 

Step-Wise Tutorial To Play PUBGM on PC:

Let’s have a look at the step-by-step process of playing PUBG Mobile on a PC without an emulator. Here we go:

  • First, you will need to mirror your phone on your PC or a laptop using a phone mirroring application, such as the APowerSoft app. 
  • Also, download the same app on your phone from Google Play Store
  • You need to enable the USB Debugging Settings in your phone, and you can do it by navigating to Settings of your phone
  • Now, connect your phone with your PC or laptop via a USB cable
  • Finally, you will mirror the screen on your PC and open PUBG Mobile on your PC

Bear in mind that you can play the game only if your phone already has the game installed in it. It is because the overall process is based on the mirroring of your phone. You need to understand that you are not installing the game into your computer, unlike an emulator. 

After you have your phone’s screen mirrored on your PC, you can start playing the game on it—this time, you need to make a configuration of all the Keymap settings. 

Once you have all the buttons set for the respective functions, you are ready to start playing and enjoying the outstanding gameplay of PUBG Mobile on your PC. 

Why Playing PUBGM on PC Is Great?

As we mentioned earlier, PUBG mobile is a great game to play. It becomes the best when you start playing it on the big screen of your PC or laptop. 

Let’s dig deeper to know why playing PUBGM on PC is great.

  • Bigger Screen:

A mobile or a tablet has enough screens to enjoy watching videos. While playing games, you need to do more with your finger that is restricted on a mobile device. Mobile has a screen that is used for both display purposes as well as controls. 

On the contrary, a PC or laptop has a keyboard in addition. It helps you enjoy the game to the fullest.

  • Comfortable Sitting Position:

When you use your phone, you often slouch, which can result in posture problems. But you need to sit correctly on a PC. Therefore, you enjoy the game while sitting comfortably on your PC. 

  • Best Option For FPP:

When we talk about FPP (first-person perspective), PUBG is a well-known option. Moreover, you enjoy realistic gameplay on a PC than mobile or tablet. 

Therefore, we can conclude that using the above steps mirrors your phone to your PC and enjoys playing the wonderful PUBGM on your PC or laptop. 

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