10 Best Android Apps and Tools for Writing

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Android Apps for writing

An average student has to deal with many writing assignments. A person may need to write a novel, personal diary, schedule, or jot something down for blog posts. It is not very comfortable to carry a notebook with a pen or a laptop in case inspiration strikes. 

Previously, a person had to depend on computers or notebooks only. Today everyone can start writing essays, poetry, take notes and write other things having only a great Android app installed. 

TOP 5 Best Android Apps for Writing

A team of professional essay writers from AdvancedWriters.com suggest a list of the best Android apps for writing.

  1. Microsoft Word. Several years ago only computers supported Microsoft Office. After that, iPhones were designed as iOS devices that can run the required writing programs. The Microsoft developer has changed specific settings of the program. Now one can install it on Android and write, check, correct and save the document using online or offline mode. The interface of the app is simple so that a writer can reach basic formatting tools. A person can also look for phrases and keywords in the text quickly and easily. One can call Google Docs its online copy. OneDrive and OneNote are their alternatives.
  2. Monospace Writer. This app is cool for a person who needs to write and does not want to get distracted by unnecessary complicated details. It is free and one can view tutorials about all the available options and instructions concerning its general use. The app lets a writer choose the font emphasis (blockquotes, italics, bold) and apply hashtags. Holders of the pro version can integrate a text to Google Drive and Dropbox. The Pure Writer app is similar to it. 
  3. JotterPad. This easy-to-use app lets a person concentrate on writing only. Its interface is user-friendly. A person can write a post in Markdown and, after all, export it to a number of popular formats, for example, DOCX, PDF, TXT, etc.  It offers features of night mode and appropriate typography. Moreover, it is the perfect storage of paper snapshots. Due to that, users can check changes, correct texts, view their previous versions. Its alternative can be Markor.
  4. Character Story Planner. Basically, this app is popular among gamers but it is also a perfect assistant for masters of the word. Sometimes a person has ideas but lacks a concrete scheme. Character Story Planner allows creating characters for the future story including real and unreal ones, background for the plot, the world full of various events and places. So, one can create a book and turn it into a word file afterward. It is absolutely free. One can use Writer Tools as its analog.
  5. Writer Plus. The basic tools of this app are free. Nevertheless, a person can buy a premium version to enjoy all its benefits. It provides a user with rich formatting, various headers, macros keyboard, functions of Ctrl+Z, redoing, counting of words, symbols, and spaces. One does not need specific skills to start writing when using this app.

Novelist resembles it but, compared to Writer Plus, is totally free. 

5 Best Online Tools for Successful Writers

A good paper should lack grammatical mistakes. There must be no plagiarism and the format must correspond to the rules. There are 5 cool online tools that might be helpful.

  1. Grammarly. This app is one of the best writing assistants for professionals and amateurs. It lets people avoid primitive mistakes and suggests improvements. There are free and pro functions. One can correct mistakes for free. Premium functions offer better punctuation, formatting, grammar structure, word choice, clarity, and make it more engaging and reader-oriented. There are a team (business) and individual premium offers. Online assistants are always ready to help and plagiarism checker prevents serious problems with copywriting.
  2. Textalyser. This online tool scans papers and provides a user with a detailed SEO analysis that informs about the number of words, mistakes, the density of the words, readability, number of characters with and without spaces, complexity, etc. 
  3. Hemingway. One of the important things a person should consider is the readability of the text. Hemingway app is a great and very simple tool in estimating the readability of the text. One should just paste the extract to see the score. It must be less than 6 points.
  4. TickTick. It does not matter whether you are a writer or a student. Everyone must finish writing before the deadline. That is why it is better to have a to-do-list with concrete time frames. TickTick app can be the best assistant for a writing plan creation. 

Cite This for Me. A well-researched work needs citing. For example, a famous American writer Stephen King tries to support his ideas by fact and gives links to sources he had investigated. Academic papers demand citations that must be presented in a concrete style (APA, MLA, Harvard). Cite This for Me will generate the required citation and format it appropriately.

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