Getting the Most from RuneScape 3 on Mobile

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RuneScape Mobile - Cross-platform MMORPG

Since its earliest days on 2000s browsers, it’s fair to say that Runescape has come a long way. Now chock-full with 20 years worth of content, the game has more to offer than ever.

Because of this, in the last few years Jagex decided to make the leap to the prime platform of today—mobile—and thanks to being a relatively lightweight game, the port is mostly a positive experience.

What is RuneScape 3?

Although known by fans as RuneScape 3, the game is not a sequel—well not really. As computing quickly developed throughout the 2000s and 2010s, the Java-based original RuneScape became somewhat outdated. Thus, Jagex, the team behind the game, created a standalone client coded in C++ which largely replaced the original version in 2016.

The newer, far more performant, version is the RuneScape of the modern day.

This shouldn’t be confused with Old School Rune Scape, which is a nostalgic romp into a version of RuneScape from 2007. This other version of RuneScape finds its lifeblood in its active, enthusiastic community who make decisions on in-game changes.

For this article, we’ll be talking about how to get the most out of RuneScape 3.

Who Can Jump In?

All android owners will be able to dive right into RuneScape 3 given its native build support, and more recent removal of the “members only” paywall. 

However, iOS users may be disappointed to hear the game is still in closed beta for their platform, meaning they’ll have to make do with Old School Rune Scape (available on both iOS and Android) or the RuneScape 3 computer client.

The minimum requirements for RuneScape 3 are as follows:

  • Android 6.0 or later.
  • 2GB RAM
  • < 100MB free space
  • OpenGL ES3
  • An active internet connection

All these specs are relatively lightweight when considering mobile devices in 2021—and RuneScape is nowhere near as requirement heavy as more recent titles such as Genshin Impact.

Jagex have mentioned that the app is currently being optimised for mobile, meaning those wanting to play through android-based tablets may experience some issues.

That said, seeing as the app uses relatively little storage, nibbles on 500kb to 2MB of data per hour chances are your device will be able to run the program.

Optimizing Your Experience


As RuneScape 3 is the exact same game, played on mobile or PC, any progress you make on mobile will be permanent. 

While some players may discourage you from doing high-level content due to the slightly more complex nature of mobile UI resulting in less player control, you can do absolutely anything you can do on the PC version of the game on mobile.

That said, it’s worth familiarising yourself fully with the UI before diving into anything too complex, as mis-clicks (which are far more common on mobile) can easily result in your death when facing off against bosses.


Performance-wise, if your device is struggling to uphold a stable FPS, you do have some options.

First off, you can globally limit the FPS—however this is not the most ideal, as any gamer will know all too well.

A sounder alternative would be, where possible, to avoid “busy” areas which house extremely high player counts. This is easily avoided by switching to a lower population world, allowing you to experience the whole game without the performance-hindering crowds of players.

Similarly, closing other background apps could help provide a much-needed performance boost to any devices which do struggle.

Getting Ahead

If you’re just starting out, or jumping back into RuneScape 3 after many years. It’s worth considering some services that can help you get ahead. offers services for both RuneScape 3 and Old School Rune Scape meaning you could get boosted, purchase some great items, up your currency or even get a fresh start with a new account.

With RuneScape 3 settling into Android, and attracting many players to the game because of it, we can keep our fingers crossed that Jagex will keep expanding the platforms—to both tablets and iOS. But for now, we can all grab our phones and dive into the nostalgically fresh experience that is this legendary 20-year-old game on mobile.

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