Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now receiving the official Android 8.0 Oreo Beta firmware update. Samsung’s Oreo Beta program started yesterday and it is currently rolling out in USA, Korea, and the UK. It features the new Samsung Experience 9.0 based TouchWiz Home. The Beta is only limited to a few thousand members who have already received the registration popup. However, here we have the full stock firmware to flash the Oreo beta onto the global variant of Galaxy S8 SM-G950F with build number G950FXXU1ZQJJ.

Member of the S8 users who are already enrolled into the Oreo program have created a TWRP dump for public. Using this dump, any Galaxy S8 user can flash it and enjoy the latest Android 8.0 Oreo update. However, do note that we only have the TWRP extract from a Galaxy S8 SM-G950F model. Hence, only users who are on the same variants should flash it. Moreover, there is no guarantee whether it will work or not. Only a few users have tested it working. It may or may not work for all.

As it is a high-risk install, you should backup each and every partition of the previous via TWRP itself. Also, it will trip Knox to off.

Samsung’s Oreo beta is rolling out:

  • In the U.S for Sprint, T-Mobile, or Unlocked via Samsung+ app.
  • In the U.K via Samsung Members app.
  • In South Korea for SKT, KT, or LG U+ via Samsung Members app.

Samsung Experience 9.0 apps : Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta apps and feature port 

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta stock firmware for Exynos variant

The Samsung Oreo update rolling out in the UK has the firmware build number G950FXXU1ZQJJ and G955FXXU1ZQJJ for S8 and S8+ respectively

Following is the TWRP flashable stock firmware for the Exynos variants . Hence, your Exynos Galaxy S8 should be rooted with latest

  • TWRP flashable Galaxy S8 Oreo firmware SM-G950F | Download
  • TWRP Galaxy S8+ Oreo firmware SM-G955F | Download | Not available

How to update Galaxy S8 to Oreo Beta using TWRP?

Step 1: Make sure your device is a Galaxy S8 SM-G950F Exynos variant and unlocked (not with any carrier).

Step 2: Make sure your Exynos variant is rooted with latest TWRP.

Step 3: Download the Oreo Beta from above and transfer it to device storage.

Step 4: Reboot into TWRP, backup all the partitions and transfer to PC. Also, backup internal storage or SD Card.

Step 5: TWRP can’t mount /data from Oreo. So, format data.

Step 6: Once TWRP has formatted data, choose reboot, and reboot to recovery again.

Step 7: Once into TWRP again, proceed to take a backup again.

Step 8: Plug your phone to your computer, and browse through the backup.

Step 9: Go to TWRP/Backups/<somerandomnumbersandletters>/

Step 10: Paste the extracted Oreo .RAR file in there.

Step 11: Go back to the main TWRP menu, choose to restore.

Step 12: Restore the boot and system from there.

Wait until you see the boot logo. First boot takes too long. SO be patient. The LED will turn off and the system starts.

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