Qi Wireless Charger: Cheapest, Fastest, and Best Charger for Samsung Smartphones

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Qi Wireless charger

In today’s date, there is barely a soul who does not uses smartphones. With the whole world fast advancing towards portable, smartphones have become an integral part of life. Users always are on the look for an efficient smartphone The efficiency of a smartphone depends a lot on its battery life. Many renowned manufacturers always keep it a prime aspect to provide efficient battery life for their respective smartphones. But the issue remains that with so many Apps and uses, a smartphone will tend to run out of battery at the end. it’s not also possible to have a wired charger present wherever you go. To solve that problem here we present Qi wireless charger.

Qi wireless charger is a new generation smartphone charger that overcomes the need of wired chargers. It also rules out the need for electric points for charging. It is mainly designed for the Samsung range of smartphones but also supports lots of other devices. There is absolutely no need for any cable to connect it with the phone during charging. It is absolutely safe and convenient. Let us take a more closed look at the features, specification and where you can get Qi Wireless Charger.

Striking Features of Qi Wireless Charger

Let us see what does the Qi wireless charger has got to offer to its users.

  • Wireless charging
  • Stable and fast charging
  • 100% safety ensured from Over-Current/temperature/voltage production.
  • 4 Anti-slip feet pads to hold the phone tight during charging.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Holder stand facility

Qi Wireless charger

Specifications: Qi Wireless Charger

So, here are some of the important specifications of Qi wireless portable charger.

  • Supported by Qi standard devices
  • Hardware Material: PC+ABS+Silicone
  • Supported Input: 9V/1.67A, 5V/2A
  • Supported Output: 9V/1.2A, 5V/1A
  • Charging power: 10.8W(Max)
  • Average Charging efficiency: ≥73%
  • Transmission distance: ≤8mm
  • Interface: Micro USB
  •  Weight: 96g / 3.39oz
  •  Dimensions: 12.5 * 7 * 7cm / 4.92 * 2.76 * 2.76in

Qi Wireless Charger: Devices Supported

There are two types of devices that are supported for charging with Qi wireless charger.

  • Device With Fast Charging ModesOutput: 9V/1.2A, 10.8WDevices include :
    Samsung Galaxy S6/S6+/S6 Edge
    Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
    Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+
    Galaxy Note 5/8/FE
  • Devices with Standard Charging Modes

    5V/1A, 5WDevices include :
    Nokia Lumia Series 920/928/930/830/BH-220/822/735/929
    Google Nexus 4/5/6/7
    LG G2/G3/G Pro/G6/AS870/D1l/LTE2
    HTC Droid DNA/Butterfly/Incredible 4G LTE, 8X, 8XT
    Sharp SH-07D/SH-04D/SH-02D/SH-13C
    Blackberry Z30
    SONY Xperia Z2/Z3V
    Motorola Droid 5
    Yota phone2
    ZTE Grand S EXT
Qi Wireless charger
Samsung Devices Supported by Qi Wireless Charger

User Reviews

Here is a screenshot of some users review on the Qi wireless charger. The reviews are really positive and rated excellent..!!

Qi Wireless charger
User Review on Qi Wireless Charger

What’s In The box

The package will contain,

  • Qi wireless charger X1
  • Data Cable X1
  • Use Manual X1

How Much Heavy On the Pocket

Given all the stunning features and support across multiple mid-range to high-end devices, the Qi wireless charger comes at a regular price of US$17.72. But the plot twist is currently as You read this post, there is a hefty discount of 26% on Qi wireless charger.

So, with the discount, You can cut the deal at US$13.16 if you buy right now.
And the Shipping is absolutely free. The product will be shipped right by ChinaWarehouse within 24 hours of ordering..!!

Where To Buy

Well, You can buy Qi wireless fast charger at the popular US e-commerce joint Tomtop.com.
For your convenience, we have mentioned below the direct link to buy the same.

Qi Wireless Charger | Buy Now

For other enquiries related warranty and shipping, You will find the information on the same linked page.

Therefore, with the portability, amazing features and multi-device support, Qi wireless charger is breaking stereotypes in providing a wireless experience for charging smartphones. You can charge your smart device literally anywhere and anytime with it. And with a great discount on its tag, it is the perfect deal for any smartphone user according to us.

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