Googles Project Ara androidsage

Google’s Project Ara is the hottest topic in the Smartphone world. It is an upcoming technology that will let you build your own modular Smartphone. It is an open hardware platform. That means you will be able to change or build different modules for your device including camera, memory, audio hardware and more. Project Ara is indeed a technology of the future.

As Google’s team is working on it right now, a technology website The Verge has got a detailed explanation of how exactly the Project Ara works and it’s progress. Check out the video below.

A word from The Verge:

Project Ara, a smartphone you can customize, may seem like a crazy idea, but it’s not half as crazy as what it takes to build it. Google’s ATAP group, led by Paul Eremenko, takes the DARPA philosophy and applies it to building phones. Eremenko wants five billion customers, but before he gets there, he has to convince developers to create the hardware.

Check out this video from her

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