There has been much gossip about Android M since the recent Google I/O and the next update promises tons of features that are coming to you. If you have tested the Android M developer preview then you must be excited about the update.
Here are a few features from Android M:


DND mode: The number one additional feature of Android M is the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature. A DND toggle has been added to the quick settings panel. This feature allows you to mute notifications from all the apps for a time period. This is a very helpful feature to stop those annoying notifications from disturbing you. This has priority only, total silence and alarm the only feature which lets you customize the notifications per app.

Fingerprinting and scanning: The awaited feature for Android which is the fingerprint scanning is making its space in the Android world. This has been a much talked about feature, no wonder all the Android work is done with your fingers and the fingerprint scanner feature has made its way through with Android M. However, this feature might require an additional hardware add-on for upcoming devices.


Permissions: The following is not exactly a feature but a bunch of tweaks which have been added for better security and privacy. Disabling app permissions control have been added, that means you can now disable a permission for an app which you don’t want to use. For instance, you can disable the camera or location service permission for an app and the application won’t use it.

Light/Dark theme: Another good feature is light and dark theme toggle. This allows you to switch between dark and light themes as per your convenience. This feature may have been added because users need the night mode and don’t need to switch the entire theme just for it.


Now on tap allows Android users to get Google assistance easily. This provides the user with more information about anything, be it a restaurant, hospitals, etc. As a developer, you can now implement the App indexing for Google Search into your project for better results.

Battery standby: A major addition to the list of features for M is the better battery standby time. This allows Android to use the motion detector to check if the device is idle and will cut back all the background running apps to extend battery life.

Moreover, The app drawer has been changed a lot. Android M will now have apps alphabetically listed in the app drawer and have been extended with a search bar on the top. This is a good deal for those who find it difficult to find apps and end up scrolling more pages than required. So this is basically a stability and performance update to make Android better for all users. These are some of the features that Android users would have been expecting.


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